Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Broke ain't funny anymore

I am broke and it's not funny anymore. I can't manage to make ends meet. My bank account is empty and my change jar is down to less than a $1. I have a video camera in the pawn shop. Luckily it is only $25 to get it out. I just scrounged together change to get gas after therapy for tomorrow had to be cancelled. The soon to be ex and the kid ran out on their way back. All I had to do was pay attention and give them gas money to put gas in on the way, then they'd have made it home and little bit would have therapy tomorrow.

I've been thinking that the five days a week is starting to take it's toll on the budget and I'm probably right. There is one day she has to be picked up from school. At least the bus picks her up and brings her home the other three days. That helps but what happens if the school budgets get cut? She's the only child her age down this way, I'll have to take her and pick her up.

I think that I have to reduce her therapy slowly because this summer it's going to be painfully clear that I'm broke as I try to keep gas to get her to her appointments. The supplements are becoming more expensive and out of my reach. I will be working all available hours in my day and not spending anything that I don't have to.

My Rodeo in addition to getting bad gas mileage for my wallet would be in need of new tires. There is also a need for an oil change, a new filter, new plugs and wires. I am not prepared for this. I wish that I had some thought as to what to do but the only thing I can think of is to keep working on my book and write as many articles as I can.

OK I'll be going now. I can always ramble later.
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