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Thunder Shook the House

Yes, thunder literally shook the house in the middle of the night. Actually closer to midnight and I ended up being up until about 4a.m. This means that I didn't get up until around 10a.m. This could create a problem if I don't stop doing it. I have to be able to get up at approximately 5a.m. when school starts back to get the baby ready for school and fed before the bus runs. I have to print out her supply lists so I can buy the things on it. I have no idea how to get it all done in time for the new school year. The kid needs new uniforms, enough to last through the week.

I can't remember how much they are exactly but I know that it's a lot. I also know that while I get them I still have to keep everything that we need at the house. This is going to be fun. Oh well, I have had some rest and now I'm going to bed shorty has an early morning tomorrow so I'll be going now.

Night all.
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