Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Changes in Dynamics

The household dynamic is changing, and so is my mind about keeping everything uniform. It's kind of boring to keep everything the same way. The dog has moved inside semi-permanently after having been sick for a few days, but now he's back to his hyper self. He doesn't want to be outside alone, I think he needs a crate, but he doesn't do anything but sleep at night. So maybe not.

I think that I am not sure what is going most days, but I know that I am not organized anymore. First I managed to misplace a W-2. Oops! Yeah, kinda need that to complete the taxes for the year. I will aiming to get my taxes filed before the end of February. I am hoping (praying) for a refund to take care of much needed things, and give me a breather. One that I can actually afford to take without panicking. 

The kid came home sick from school yesterday, at 8 am they called me. She was holding her stomach and acting like she didn't feel good. I called her dad to go get her on his way home so she wouldn't have to wait as long to get to come home. 

That led to concern, and some unsolicited advice. Oh well, this is one of the reasons I work at home and avoid venturing out into the real world most days. Well, it's back to work for the moment.
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