Sunday, January 27, 2013

Waking up to the Reality

OK so I recently decided to enroll in some online classes. The first two, Fundamentals of Personal Finance and Fundamentals of Human Nutrition. One class is in its second week, the other in the first and I would be lost on what I'm doing but considering taking the highest level offered in the second class.

The difference in it and the one I chose is the course load, but I'd learn a new skill. My research skills would be tested as well. Well, before I finished that thought the second level was decided for me as I got distracted and signed up to take two more course. That will give me a full course load, plus working and everything else.

Now that I truly have no clue what I did and did not do today, I am going to bed. Enjoy, by the time this goes live, I will hopefully be sleeping in.

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