Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Exhaustion and the lost day

OK so Monday (yesterday) was a holiday. I did not realize this until Friday sometime, so rearranging my schedule to fit in what I needed I managed to exhaust myself to the point that the majority of yesterday was lost to exhaustion. Writing this while listening to video lectures and cleaning the house, or rather chasing the dog around has managed to give me a headache already.

Mismanaged Morning

He's a four legged toddler, only he's too big to simply pick up and pluck down somewhere out of harms way. The cat is perched on the counter to stay out of reach and avoid being a moving chew toy. So I run back and forth from typing in whichever of the multiple screens I'm in at the moment and cleaning house to pull something out of the dog's mouth.

I managed to watch half of this week's videos for one class this morning, and tonight I'll read the slides for the other. There is an assignment this week that is going to take me all week to finish, at ten to fifteen minutes a day because I am lost. The other class only requires a quiz which without reading or listening the material I can pass easily. 

Work Today, Hopefully

The amount of work I managed to get done last week was virtually none. I'm hoping that with even a limited week I will get enough done this week. I am behind and running backwards, but that's fine I can catch up.

The bills are all paid this month, and I'll be entering refund land soon to get a couple things taken care of that will make my next set of plans easier to accomplish.

OK it is time to get back to work, and at some point this week I hope to write reviews of some of the books that I have read lately.

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