Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Recap

OK so far this week, I've managed to get a few things done. Not a lot but a few. The interrupts were many, but they were concurred in the end.

The deadlines for classes were met. The final stages began on my next book, and I even managed to spend some time with the short kid. The digestive issues seen lately are making me wonder about what she's eating. A food diary will help to pinpoint the cause.

The supplements are gone, except for the vitamin D which we have been managing to forget with hectic scheduling. It should be easy enough to remember, simply give in the evenings with a fatty meal. 

The realization that the deadline for the third edition FTP is approaching came this week. It seems like yesterday I was awaiting the first book to be released, this will be the third. This week saw the end of classes temporarily and today I received one of my certificates of accomplishment, with distinction!

Now I have to go check on the task list for next week. Tomorrow is Sunday, and I hope to spend the morning with the kiddo. Instead of the task list, I think I'll take a nap first, all night sessions really leave you exhausted. 
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