Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Evening Ramblings

The week was filled with headaches and reworking the schedule that didn’t work out quite right. I began rewriting two books, by hand. Actually I scrapped the originals that were disasters, er, um in need of editing and organization to start over at the beginning.

The goal is to finish up two at once, and get them to hit the shelves the same day. I have a series in mind, and knowing me writing the entire series would be easier than publishing one then writing the other. Oh that makes no sense.

I will be getting a new appointment book for next year, and a desk calendar. Maybe, the kid is likely to markup a calendar on my desk but I have to have one in my purse to write appointments for her down on while I make them.

I had to put when to clean the filters in the AC on my calendar to keep from forgetting. That means that though I have not as much (work) to do, I still cannot focus.

Well, I forgot what I was saying, so have a good night.

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