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Saturday Evening Post

The week has been a long one, Internet connection issues and a lack of concentration allowed for some wild turns of the imagination. Appointments are dwindling and we are getting ready to go back to the school schedule.

This year it will be emptier than it has been in several years. Strange but while I am glad we have fewer appointments to attend I am starting to miss them. I cannot help but think about the times when therapy itself was resented. It was taking time from my time with her but it was a necessary evil. The days that I spent watching her have first with others were difficult but we made it through them.

Open House was easy to get through and the kid even went to say hello to her Kindergarten teacher. We dropped off the school supplies and met her first grade teacher. The baby had spent hours walking around with her backpack ready to go to school so I was surprised when she wanted to go as soon as I finished the paperwork.
She really surprised me by actually saying “hi” to people that we passed in the hall. It was a pleasant experience all in all. Now I am looking forward to the chaos that is going to be the upcoming school year. I will be attempting to allow the baby to participate in all the activities that she enjoys so much.

I am not looking forward to working seven days a week to meet my savings goals but it has to be done. I’m off to flash
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