Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Evening Post

This day has been one that was pleasantly unexpected. The beginning was rough but the end is peaceful. Let's chat.

I woke up to Shorty telling me she needed changing, her stomach is acting up again and the amount of foods she will eat is once again limited. This challenge is something we are taking in stride.

She went outside to play leaving me napping on the couch. She never left the premise or the front, my neighbors would have told me. She rode her bike. She came back in and left the door wide open, not a pleasant surprise to wake up to.

Instead of taking over the television like she typically does she put it on the Saturday marathon of "Criminal Minds" for me. She even changed it back when I asked if she wanted to watch "Jane and the Dragon." 

I managed some cleaning, and she has had a blast all day. I have spoken to friends that are actually loyal making them family. I have weeded out more of those that are not what they seem. It is nice to see my instincts turning themselves back on.

Until next time, may you enjoy the week. The highlight of mine was school being back in session after the ice and snow that we have had during the previous week. They are still deciding how the children will make up the missed days. 
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