Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Yard Sales

I've been in thrift shops before but the yard sale experience is new to us. I am used to shopping in the air conditioning of thrift stores to see if they have odd items and books that I am having trouble finding with the occasional visit to the clothing racks for odd items. I am learning to grow accustomed to shopping outside for things, though it takes some practice with a child along for the ride.

The idea is to spend less than $20 a weekend at these sales. Shorty likes toys and she finds things that she wants rather quickly. I am not so lucky. It takes me longer to discover clothes that fit me since I have gained weight though I found her a few winter clothes that she can layer other things under and some warm stockings.

I've found socks, which we always seem to run short on and pantyhose. There are a few decorative items that I have found for the house, I just need to find a place to display them that is multi purpose for storing other items as well. I saw a television stand that would work but I am not sure that it will fit in the space that I have for it.

It is time to widen the search for slightly used items and reduce the amount of expense that we have for these items.
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