Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Not A Clue

I haven't a clue what's going on lately but I've decided to go with it. There is nothing that I can do about current circumstances so I will merely follow along as I wait for things to fall into place. No one can tell me what I should be doing at the moment because it would require intimate knowledge of my finances and other situations.

There would be some people lying, and riding a roller coaster that I doubt I want to step onto tough my ticket appears to be paid in full. The idea that I am going to have to make a decision soon is rather annoying but I will make it soon enough.

It wasn't that long ago I was planning to move closer to the man I was dating. We broke up those plans changed. Then I began to make plans for returning to our home and little by little those plans became impossible as everything fell apart. Now I'm trying to get to a wedding and things are not looking good for actually showing up in person.

I have no idea how long it will take to handle the priorities that have arisen I only know that I currently need a second laptop and to remove all my things from things from this one. There are some things that I have to do that require my ability to go online at any time and be able to see what I'm looking at. Maybe a tablet will work.

Anyway I'm going to attempt a month of prompts from M3, not sure how I'll do but I'll try. Overlook the fact that I might be a month behind for the month of prompts. Until next time hope you're doing well.

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