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Confused, Too Much on My Plate Maybe??

I have a lot of things on my plate now. I have a weekly blog posts to do in addition to my other stuff that is invoiced twice a month, plus I get all the product reviews. This is not in addition to any other work that might be sent to me.

I've been in the process of getting back to being able to live off what I have for a few years now. It seems to me that when I was in a place where everyone lived the way I prefer it was easier to do. There was no one there to act as if I was being strange. I would be attempting to go back green. Once I lived in the middle of farmers fields, in the farmers house and was as green as I pleased. It was possible because I was far enough out no one questioned my beliefs and no one butted into them in order to force their beliefs on me.

I am currently taking a second look at the things that I use, reuse and recycle. I am attempting to make sure everything that can be used is used and for more than one purpose whenever possible. I am on a quest to save a certain (yet to be determined) amount of money in (an yet to be determined ) amount of time.

Anyway that means taking a second look at anything and everything that cost money. That is what I am doing, so I am going to get back to it now. I'll be posting annoying updates as I go through the stuff here, and I am continuing to throw things out of the house.
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