Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Killing Us Softly: Becoming the Surviving Spouse of Cancer (Review)

Killing Us Softly: Becoming the Surviving Spouse of Cancer by Red Dwyer is something that I recently had the pleasure of reading. 

Red takes you through the first hand journey of becoming the surviving spouse when cancer hit family. She takes you through the diagnosis and the aftermath of losing a spouse while raising small children. 

Amazing first hand account
The book is highly intense and you feel the pain while you go through the lessons that were learned not through a classroom but with real life experience. Red takes you into her home and exposes a side of herself that is rarely seen giving readers a glimpse of how strong this highly qualified woman really is. 

Killing Us Softly is a must read for anyone that has ever been touched by or is facing a chronic illness. The message is simple, you are not alone. The writing is natural, and the advice given comes from knowing the reality. 

Clicking on the caption will take you to the ordering information. Have a good day and pick up a copy of Killing Us Softly, it can help the healing process before it ever has to begin. 

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