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Finally Friday!

It's Friday! This means that I get to stay up all night, or at least until Midnight working on things that did not get done this week. The list is a bit long, and includes neglected house keeping, yard work takes the day light priority to include fresh air in my day. The work is all segmented into spans of as little as ten minutes to two hours at a time.

Everything is on track for my next book release. If you haven't already you really should check out Moments, Money & Memories. I will be working through the weekend to make sure I make the deadline for the next book to be completed in time, aiming for a release date in April. 

Next week author interviews will begin to appear here. You'll enjoy the range, promise. In the mist of it all I'll be reading a rather interesting book. Reviews of books are a new feature you may have noticed.

I will be working on the tabs to make navigation easier, I promise you'll be able to find everything with a click soon.

Until next time, hope you have enough hours in your day.


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