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OK so I tend to ramble a bit, and that's just what I'll do today.

I interviewed Red Dwyer, Gail Thornton and myself this week. They were all rather interesting. I learned a lot from them, I decided to make my calender online to get email reminders. This was a direct result of some solid advice.

Spring break is here, which means a week of a schedule that works for me. More time with the kiddo will be great. Although I'm sure that she will want extra computer time. 

We have to go shopping at some point, but I don't really feel up to it at this point. She is growing which means the hunt for school uniforms will start soon. I have my eye out for school supplies from next years list. Of course I have my eye out for therapy supplies and learning tools like I always do. 


I would be debating over getting my washing machine fixed or investing in a wash board to do the laundry. The lovely new feature has it filling with water (the connections are leaking) and spinning the water out of the clothes. It refuses to agitate. Laundry by hand is not really that big of a deal as long I remember to do it daily, or every two days to prevent pile up. 

The house has some issues that need fixing. A quick inventory of building supplies will tell me what I have and what I need. The car is in need of some attention, figuring out what kind is on the list of things to do as well.

My glasses, those have to wait until I can figure out when to make the appointment for the exam. On the bright side my savings is not completely empty, and if I do it right I won't have to touch my small emergency fund until an actual emergency. 

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