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Friday's Chaotic Updates

School begins Monday, the bus is going to run at 6:48a.m. That means I have to get the baby up by 5:45 so she can do her usual morning routine of deciding she wants breakfast, even though she'll eat once she gets to school.

There is of course the dreaded routine of trying to get her dressed and fix her hair without a meltdown ensuing. It takes about five minutes to put her in a uniform. Sunday evening I will put out the dress that she is going to wear, her shorts to wear under it, and get her new shoes on her.

Fixing her hair is the most stressful part of the regular routine. She can't stand having it done. I'm considering cutting her hair but I'm going to miss it, and she
loves to show it off. She's had it short before and it was adorable but I was stir crazy.

Although shorter is easier to manage, especially for a child with special needs.

Well, I have to work until the world ends, and I'm far behind on the posts here as well.
Next month, Christy Birmingham and her book Pathways to Illumination will be featured. I'm looking forward to that post.


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