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Long Time No Type

It has been a while since I updated this because of an inability to use my computer. I would be searching for a new one, which requires lowering my expenses at the moment. What else is going on?

I went to the doctor this morning and got some Claritin for my allergies, and a refill on my nerve medication. Now I have four refills and do not go back for three months to do labs. I attempted to get information about my insurance only to end up at a prompt that I could not get out of. I have a question about coverage limits. 

I called about Shorty's grant and gave required information so that a decision can be made. It was quick and painless.

I am about to begin the process of finding a baby sitter so that I can go to my doctor's appointments over the summer. I need someone reliable that will show up when I need them. 

I made a deal with someone to help out, so far they have earned $25. They are going to work off the rest or pay their debt off themselves. 

Until next time, I hope that you are having a productive day. 
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