Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Memories

It's Monday and we're taking a trip down memory lane. So Monday Memories. The last year and eight months have brought a lot of changes for the two of us. Right now I'm going to take a brief look at those changes, and a few random changes from the last twenty years.

September of 2013 we moved to South Carolina. It was not planned and we left everything. Six months were spent in South Carolina. I accomplished a lot, once the shock wore off. Middle of the night moves are not something I care to make a habit. Shorty would not want to make it a habit either. We will not be moving again without allowing her time to digest the idea. 

Those six months taught me that I had forgotten what I was capable of. On my own with a support group that actually supports me I can accomplish anything that my heart desires. A vast improvement over the previous situation and life that I had left behind. I managed to feel that I could once again do things.

March of 2014 we move to Arkansas. The year has been one of adjustments. 

There are days that it seems that for every freedom we have gained we acquired a restriction to match. Life for the two of us is beginning to balance itself. 

The struggles are ongoing but we are strong and we will always stand together. 

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