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Summer Budgeting

This summer is going to be an interesting adventure in budgeting and yard sales to find some much needed academic and therapeutic things for my child. We are going to see if we can manage to correct some behaviors that have crept up while increasing her self sufficiency back to the OCD need to clean up after herself.

The expenses for the first month of summer are lower than normal even with the things that I had to finance. The minimums are the main consideration for the few months of summer in order to make it though the summer with a little less stress. The only problem is that I might end up paying a small amount of interest on items that are not paid off in the promotional time frame as a result of not paying more than the minimum for those few months.

Must Pay Expenses

Lights  $57
Rent $142
Stone Creek $20
Lowes $25
Fingerhut $18
Capital One $25
Tractor Supply Company $25
Verizon $79
Internet $60
Furniture payment $29
Grand total $455.00

That is below $500 for the first month of summer vacation which will allow for taking Shorty to a few yard sales to work on her math skills while allowing her to spend her allowance.

The goal is to keep my summer light bill below $100 including the use of the air conditioning when it gets so hot I can't take it anymore. I plan to purchase a floor fan or two to go with the window fans I purchased. I would buy a ceiling fan but I would either have to leave it when I moved or replace the fixtures where it was placed.

While I intend to pay more than these minimums I will be setting money aside for Shorty's birthday and Christmas. There will also be a small weekly budget for yard sales and clearance racks. Winter clothing will need to be purchased for the next school year. I will not be buying Shorty's clothing size but a size or two larger in order to layer her clothes for snow days. 

This is merely the plan, putting it into action is going to take a little bit of work but I will manage it. Until next time may your budget not be a cause for your headache.

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