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Minimizing Everything...

I hope. I am among the things that I am attempting to minimize this time. I seem to be gaining weight which means that stress has returned and I am not coping with it well. I seem to have gotten comfortable and fallen into patterns of those around me, this is not a good thing. Let's examine shall we.

 We have regular inspections and between each one I find something else that needs to be accomplished in this tiny space. I accomplished the finalization of my divorce this year and with it I returned to my maiden name. I feel as if I am finding myself all over again after three marriages and two children.

My Closet

There are a number of things in my closet that I refuse to wear, others I can no longer wear because they are to small. Items that had once gotten to large are beginning to fit again. This is kind of depressing, but I am starting to remember who I used to be, and that body is under there somewhere.

I am clearing out the storage closet, the things that are outdoor items and my cans (I recycle because I am green) should be the only things in it when I am finished. I will be going through our clothes and getting rid of what we cannot or do not wear. I will be going through shoes, and finding new shoes for both of us to go with the clothing that we keep. The people here have no idea of individuality, it is time they learned.

Storage Space

There is not much space here, and what storage space there is lends to wasted space. I am seeking solutions that will be long term because I intend to move them with us when we go. We have furniture once again, some of it permanent while some of it is temporary and has about lived out its life expectancy.

We both have new beds. Shorty will be getting a new mattress once she stops jumping on the bed and I get the boards so that supports can be made for it. I want storage space built under them but I have to figure out the logistics of that for them. I purchased a bunk bed, left it apart and had supports put on mine to hold my weight, we have a while before hers will require supports.

I bought a night stand, someone gave us a chest of drawers that I still need to find a handle for and redo for Shorty but it works for our purposes. The plastic drawers will be replaced in time; one with a filing cabinet and the other with a small chest for clothing. Before the plastic drawers are gotten rid of they will be used to hold toys once again. I am in search of a toy chest but it is going to take a while because I want it to be perfect.


The lack of space in our little one bedroom apartment means that the items we bring into our home for the long term have to serve more than one purpose. The stand for the television has storage space, the coffee table holds toys, the dresser top holds a lamp and decorations to make Shorty's room pretty for her.

The tops of the furniture holds decorations, and the closets are packed full. The problem is that the things stacked in the closet could fall out on someone's head. There is a need to put more racks in the food pantry as well.

Until next time may you have an easy time making changes and decisions about what you need. I will continue my search for the things that we need while attempting to ensure they are what we want for the long term. 

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