Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pleasant Surprises

As a general rule, I don't like surprises, they are usually bills that I didn't realize where coming in or are larger than I thought they would be. Then there are those surprises that I adore getting.

Early Morning Text

I adore early morning text. They show me that people are thinking of me; it is better when it is the person I woke up thinking about. Then there are the messages I didn't notice when they came in, the ones that are sweet with images if flowers, hearts, sweet sayings or coffee.

Getting What I Asked For...

Rarely do you get what you asked for when you rely on others to have the brains remember things when you can not. I had asked for boxes, a few weeks later I got my boxes. Now I am packing things that are currently not in use to keep them out of the way while I clean without room to put everything. 

Things I did not ask for...

Couch. My couch was falling apart, I did not want to buy one until I found a two bedroom apartment. The lady that performs my weekly bible study found one for me. Her daughter was moving, since the family was only taking what they could fit into a car the couch was no longer of use to them.


Today as I spend my time scrubbing floors, boxing items, and other general mundane task I have a smile on my face. Waking up at 3am might not be amusing, but getting a text from someone dear before you can fall asleep makes it all worth it.
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