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I have been having trouble sleeping lately. I wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason and am unable to get back to sleep for hours on end. Why? Sit back and relax while I tell you.

I have this feeling that there is something I am forgetting to do. Now that a few months have passed since I began this post I know what it was. You see this post was originally started during the month of October, and I was waking up during the night because he worked nights.

Since we have split up I no longer wake as frequently or at the same time. I can also get back to sleep with less effort in the middle of the night now. It is amazing what we condition ourselves for when we become accustomed to things. 

Now that there is no one to text to ensure they are having a good night, and no one is sending me text in the middle of the night I sleep through it easily. Reprogramming is easily done when you don't have a reason for the previous programming. 

Now there is someone else with more consideration, and we are all moving on with our lives in order to put the past far behind us. The idea of being in a relationship with someone that merely pretends to be giving and unselfish is horrifying. 

Until next time, hope all is well.
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