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Insecurities in Relationships

We all have relationships of some kind whether we want to or not. The problem comes in when those relationships are toxic and we do not realize it until it is to late. It is not something that should be taken lightly when it has the potential to have a negative effect on your health. Let's examine relationships shall we.

Alone Does Not Mean Lonely

Life has taken several turns over the years. No one is free from the path of aging, but we are free to make our own choices along that path. There are those who actively decide to be alone while others actively seek companionship from others. I'll say it again "It is better to be happy alone than miserable with someone else." This is a lesson some people may never learn. Let's examine this a bit closer.

Sunday Ramblings

The week has been  a strange one. I managed to accomplish a few things though, and as today is the day I wrap up my week while the rest of the world starts there I decided it would be the perfect time to share it with you. Sit down and we'll have a little chat.


I was prepared for yesterday........sort of..........let's see what happened instead of the scheduled IEP meeting that was cancelled due to circumstances beyond my control.

Wordless Wednesday

Lessons of Assumptions and Beliefs

Recently I went over a few lessons from the last twenty years. Today I have decided to exam a few of them. I have trouble focusing so having the lessons to look back on is a good way to focus my energy right now. Let's begin.......

When Do You Stop Caring??

While the world is full of people that give selflessly, all to often they are not seen. Instead those who hurt without a single thought are front page news. This should not be the norm as we read the headlines or watch the evening news. Do those who give selflessly reach the point of not caring?