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Flash Fiction: Delirious

The idea that the love they shared would ever be strong enough for him to sacrifice anything for her was laughable. She knew she had been delirious to think he would ever leave his safe corner of the world to follow her anywhere. Days of planning her life around him were over, now only the walls knew what became of him.
Why is she giving up on him making a sacrifice? Why are the walls all that know what has become of him now?
The word is delirious and this post comes in at 61 of the 75 word limit for the M3 Flash in the Pan Challenge and the Deranged theme.

Flash Fiction: Mental

I can’t stop staring into space, the page is blank in front of me and it seems that it’s meant to stay that way. I know that there are things I am supposed to be doing, words waiting to be written but I can’t manage to get them onto the page. I keep obsessing on the possibilities of getting close enough to slit their throats. It’s been years, I should be over it yet I’m not. I keep wondering how long before I end up strapped to a bed in a mental ward.
Who's throat do they want to slit? Why are the years not dulling the desire?
The word is mental and this post comes in at 93 of the 150 word limit set by the M3 blog's flash fiction challenge.

Saturday Evening Post

The week has been an interesting one. I managed to go through the steps to get shorty on a waiting list for therapy services. Twenty-five hours a week of ABA services, the list is a one year wait and the PDD waiver covers three years. That's a total of four years, we just have to find out what her number is on the waiting list.

There was only one appointment for the kid, and two days of missed school from illness. She went back to school Thursday rather excited to be there. An appointment was set for Monday to have a meeting at the school. This will be interesting.

 I even went over the decisions I had made and am continuing to make. Some were easier to take than others but that's life. A lot of things are ending but a hell of a lot more are beginning. That's a good thing.

Hope your weekend is a restful one.

Flash Fiction: Loco

Her courage was dwindling as she listened to it ring; she heard a weary voice saying “hello darlin’” before she could drop the receiver. The call lasted for hours with each of them revealing things they’d vowed never to admit to the other. It was strange how the time had made things seem different; somewhere in the middle was the reality. The negotiations were interesting and they both had to be loco to even consider that a world where they could be together existed.
Why is she so nervous about the call? Why can't they be together? Have they tried it before and failed?
The word is loco and this post comes in at 84 of the 100 word limit. Visit M3 for official rules and list of words to be included in the next edition of Flash in the Pan.

Changes in Routines

There have been a lot of changes to my routine lately and slowly but surely we are adjusting. The mornings start without conflict, and we manage to get out to the school bus in time for her to get excited that it's going to be here soon.

Mornings no longer begin with hitting the snooze button for half an hour while something plays in the background waiting for the show I want to watch before I get her up to come on. There are no more dogs under my feet (this I miss) and no more overgrown toddlers interfering with the peacefulness before I get her out of bed. Now we have a morning bath first to help her relax before she leaves for school.

This shorter day thing is starting to sink in and I'm getting a tad better about getting what I'm supposed to do done. It is a strange new concept not to have to go anywhere after school these days, and all of our appointments are during the school day which makes it strange to me. I am slowly getting used to her missing school on a regularl…

Thinking It Over

When things are going the way that we envisioned them all along there isn’t anything to think over. It is only when things begin to take strange twists and turns with  endings and new beginnings that we actually start to think things over.
Questioning the life that we have led up until that point and wondering if we have ever really been happy is not a pleasant experience. Finding out that the one point and time when we were happy we were still missing something is a revelation that is like a punch to the face. Figuring out what made you unhappy while you were otherwise on top of the world is a long fall to say the least.
Two people can share the same dreams, to a point but when the most important ones are the ones that they fall short on it’s a long road to the realization that you’re working against each other. Did you sacrifice what you want to be together or did your dreams adjust in that moment? Having children doesn’t cause you to forget what you wanted it just changes it for the…

Flash Fiction: Lunatic

“It was an accident.”
“An accident? You accidentally had sex with somebody? So you tripped and fell into a naked woman? Really, you know you really should be more careful because we’re everywhere.”
She turned and walked away, this lunatic would never understand just how stupid he sounded. She wasn’t dealing with the lies anymore; she was done. There would be something young and dumb in her future tonight.
Have you ever "accidentally" had sex? Is he stupid or in denial?
The word is lunatic, and this post comes in at 69 of the 150 word limit. Visit M3 for official rules and the list of words.

Flash Fiction: Level

A single tear streaked her cheek as she resisted the urge to flatten the ignorant sow in front of her. How she could have sacrificed her baby without a second thought to save her own life was something beyond comprehension. The level of selfishness involved was too much for the young woman to fathom; in one swift motion she shoved her into the raging river below and grinned as she hit the rocks.
The word is level and this post comes in at 73 of the 75 word upper limit. For details visit M3 and join in the fun.