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I FORGOT My own name

Seriously, I got so stressed out this week that I literally forgot my own name. I was not amused then and I'm not amused now. My expenses are getting higher and my income is getting lower. I can not manage to keep enough time free to work or to figure out my savings plan. I did figure out one thing however.

My Rodeo can be junked instead of fixing it or trading it. It won't be that much but that money can be used to go toward the move. That takes care of the new light deposit with the city and possibly a crate for the dog to travel in and stay in over night. He is a good dog if not an expensive one. Although $10 a year for Rabis shots is not that bad at all. Three animals means $30 a year for them. That's not bad at all. I can use that figure to redo the budget entirely for the year.

Rent is going to be a strange adjustment after all these years. The last time I paid rent was approximately two years before my five year old was born. That's been about seven years ago I …

Not That Attached to the Furniture

It has recently occurred to me that I am not that attached to the furniture in this house. I am trying to move but that is difficult without a way to haul the furniture. That is why I do believe that only Theresa's things will be moved at this point along with a few choice electronics that are small enough to fit in the car. My Rodeo will be going to the junk dealer.

The goal is to be moved by the end of summer which is not an unreasonable goal. I am going through clothes first to get rid of all that does not have to be moved. Anything that is old and worn out beyond repair is getting tossed into the trash or the recycling bin depending on what it is. My couch for instance is worn out but the futon mattress that is on it is not. The bed in my bedroom is worn out, the baby's crib mattress and single bed in her room are not. Those are moving, provided I can borrow a van to haul them in.

The kid's toys are going to have to be gone through as they are packed up hopefully into …

Waiting Game

I would be getting rid of all the things and the people in my life that cause me undo stress or pain. It has been a long time coming. I can not handle the lack of communication before conclusions are jumped to or the fact that there is no sense of caring about me involved at all when there is communication. I'm sick of this fact completely sick of it.

I keep figuring things out on paper just to figure out that they are not feasible in reality. I do so love it when nothing works out correctly. I think I have it figured out then something goes wrong. I think I have something figured out then things go horribly wrong and nothing is right with the world.

To top it all off the fact that the world is full of liars and people that are too dumb to question things they hear. Believing everything that you hear can make the world a lonely place. I tried to push away someone that has been very good to me in all of this mess the last couple of weeks. Lucky for me they didn't go anywhere. T…