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No Tantrums

The day began fairly well considering we were running late. We managed to get to the doctor's office a little after 8a.m. and were home by 9:30 this morning. Theresa did fine, she didn't have a fit when we got there, instead she was pointing things out to me that she saw around her. It was almost too good to be true, then we went inside.
She listened well enough to come back to where I could see her while I signed her in and told them that we were there for lab work. The wait wasn't that long considering it's a doctor's office. Theresa went back and forth from watching "Mickey Mouse" to looking in the fish tank and visiting with another family that had a baby with them. She was very nice.
Finally, it's her turn and she comes with me willingly. She went into the room told us "I'm sorry" and of course we're wondering if she's telling Ms. Pat she should be apologizing already. When I put her in my lap, she said "sticker" …

Rainy and gloomy

It's been raining all morning, and Theresa got on the bus in the rain. It wasn't raining when we walked to the road, but as soon as we got out there it began to rain harder and colder. I had a small coat on her to keep the rain off and dug one out of her bag to hold over my head. I have to buy myself a rain coat, and a new umbrella since the last one broke. It's starting to thunder now, and it's getting louder. I can't believe that we have therapy this afternoon.

I feel awful after standing out in the rain this morning. I'm tired as can be and I think I'm getting sick from standing out in the rain, I hope that Theresa doesn't. As a result of the rain I'm trying to write an article on things that can be done indoors to keep kids from being bored when it's raining outside. So far it's going very slowly. I can't manage to finish this article with my mind wandering so I'm going to go back and forth between them to see what I can find to …

Confused as Can Be

I saw two assignments on what used to be AC that I want to do but I doubt I can finish them in time. I just submitted an article to Constant Content and once I hit submit I had doubts about it. It was actually the title that I had doubts about.

I messed up my budget this month. That one was really surprising since the tax refund came in. I guess it shouldn't have been a surprise since a lot of things got taken care of. I planned it out carefully but I managed to miss having the full amount for the one supplement that I'm about to run out of. I need a few more dollars but it'll prevent me from having my phone bills.

I lost my thought so I'll be calling it a post now.

Half over!

The week is about half over, at least the "typical" work week. My work week is far from over. Actually it's been a bit off. By that I mean that I'm lucky to get my notes done so far. Yesterday I had a sick child so there were only things that made he happy done.

At the moment I'm working on an editorial about a book I just read, it was supposed to be a review but I got lost so I may just leave it alone until I can think of something else to do with it. I still have my elephant note page open. Good thing I have a month before the request closes. I have one fact that gets left out because I want to write an article about it myself, I have some questions that I can't put into the article I took them for. I may not do that article at all, I might just don't know.

I do know that I need a different type of appointment book so I can highlight blocks of time instead of writing it in. This one will have to do until 2012 comes around though. I found my dictionary a…

Another Week and It's Almost Productive So Far

Well, it's Monday once again! I'm not sure why I'm so happy about that fact, maybe it's because I managed to get Theresa fed, give her the morning supplements, dress her and put her on the school bus. All without a tantrum or running behind. I set my alarm for 5:15 this morning and managed to get up in time to get most of what I needed done.

I have spend this morning (and part of yesterday) editing older articles to improve them. I plan to edit all the ones that I don't have to send request for first. I'm adding links to related articles where I can, the ones that can't are still being edited for improvements of minor, silly errors that I don't believe they should have been published with.

Well, I've only got a couple more hours to work uninterrupted and I need to try and pick up the toys to vacuum before the little one gets home. I also want to clean her room a little while she's gone so I'll go for now.

Unproductive and Hot Day

Today has proven to be both hot at 84 in my living room and only a small 58 word article written. All my shade is on the side of the house without window screen. Two windows open in the shade would make all the difference in the world. We got one open, just had to move the television set for a moment. Now if we can find a new home for the set it'll be great! I'm wondering whose bright idea it was to face this place so that the most windows were toward the afternoon sun when everyone knows that it's the hottest part of the day? I want awnings over the windows but I want them on a new home and not this place. It's falling apart, and I don't have the energy or the heart to even begin the repairs that would buy another few years out of it.

It's cooler in Theresa's room, even though it's on the front of the house and the window is closed for lack of a screen and my nerves. There is no carpet in her room which means the heat isn't sucked into it making it…

Bad Day

We missed the bus this morning because I thought that we'd already missed the bus. I mean we were out there for half an hour waiting so I came back in and decided to check the time. Well, about two minutes later I heard the horn on the bus. The trees blocking the road prevented the driver from seeing that we were coming back out the door. I drove the kid to school and beat the bus there.

I don't know how but I managed to get home in time to do a quick load of laundry. I actually did it yesterday but today I had to redo it because I had hand washed it and left it in the water too long. It was soar so into the washing machine it went. Well, when I went to hang the laundry outside I heard water running. Nice, another leak under the house.

OK for the moment the pipe is fixed but we can't use the bathtub in the back. Now it's already time to go meet the school bus, hopefully they won't be as late dropping her off as they have been.

Write, clean up, research, write, edit, etc......

It's getting hotter which means more time outside for me and the little one. She has a vitamin D deficiency and sunlight helps with that. The summer also means that the grass is growing and there is no more putting off the yard work. This morning I was cutting grass with a pull-mower. You know the modern version of the old push mower. It's not ideal but the riding lawnmower is torn up. It refuse to crank once again.

The hours that can be spent working outside are now. The hours that can not be spent working outside are spent doing paying work and editing it. Research fits in there somewhere. The house well it's clean enough for me. If you want it spotless wait for an invite; if you're brave hold your breath while you wait.

Time Change Is Tonight

The time change is tonight. We get to push the clocks up one hour and in theory lose an hour. Now exactly where does that time go until we turn the clocks back an hour to regain it? Does it float in space just waiting for us to find it again? I don't think it does but you never know.

The time change means that I have (supposedly) more hours of daylight to go out and work in the yard. It also means that the unbearable heat will be here soon. That means no more freezing nights but it also that the air conditioner is going to have to come on at some point running my light bill up once again. I'm not looking forward to that particular part of the summer. I am looking forward to some repairs being done since my other half seems to have a sudden interest in fixing things long neglected.

The trees that are right against the back of the house and the one blocking the shed door are the first ones to go! I'm kind of excited but I also dread being able to access the siding that needs…

Nothing Fits Anywhere Anymore

I sat down and figured it out so carefully. Three blogs meant I kept on track at two of them and had one just to ramble away on when nothing fit the topics of the other two. Well, today nothing really fits because I'd have a couple tiny post or either one long rambling one. I chose to have a rambling one.

The recent changes to my income required yet another change to my working habits that is not welcome but I'm not forced to go back to private clients just yet. I'm putting that off until I get the new battery for the laptop so I can actually work on the go instead of being tied to this desk to be half way productive. These days half productive is all that I can muster. I didn't feel like doing a load of laundry and guessing at today's weather so I hand washed the shirt that I intend to wear tomorrow. I know lazy but I'm tired.

I finished up a 900 word article this morning, ran the grammar and spelling check then ran it through copyscape. After all that work I …

Almost fixed

How do you break something as it's being fixed? Easy you let two men who have no idea what they're doing pretend they know how to do something. The hubby's car has two new outside door handles and now only one of them works but both the inside handles are working. The cost of the shop visit I was trying to avoid will have to be paid eventually anyway because they pulled a metal rod out of the door. Oh well, the doors open from the outside so that I can roll the windows up now.

The front end on my truck still hasn't been checked out, if it's something bad we have to park it and replace it. I'm tired of driving it after all these years and lately it causes more trouble than it's worth. Well, I'm tired and should be working so I'm going to go write an editorial, or maybe a short story.