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Wordless Wednesday

Monday Memories

It's Monday and we're taking a trip down memory lane. So Monday Memories. The last year and eight months have brought a lot of changes for the two of us. Right now I'm going to take a brief look at those changes, and a few random changes from the last twenty years.

Saturday Evening Post

The last couple of weeks were rather nice despite the time spent away from the house. The name on my books now matches my legal name. I took my maiden name back in the divorce. Let's chat.

Summer Budgeting

This summer is going to be an interesting adventure in budgeting and yard sales to find some much needed academic and therapeutic things for my child. We are going to see if we can manage to correct some behaviors that have crept up while increasing her self sufficiency back to the OCD need to clean up after herself.

Week Ahead

The week ahead is going to be a busy one. The last month has increased my stress though a number of things that must be done. The week ahead is going to be full of things that require intellectual focus. Let's see what is on the agenda and determine how to keep my sanity.

Wordy Wednesday

It has been an interesting month or so. Computer problems, budgeting issues and illness have made for some difficulty the last couple of months. I will be making some adjustments to make room for rising summer expenses.