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What the Heavens am I Doing?

Well, Summer vacation has officially started. We made it through Kindergarten graduation, Memorial Day with family and that short kid continually snipping the ends of her hair off.

I am not pleased with the tiny snippets of hair that are ending up on my floor but there is nothing that I can do about it once she cuts it off. I am expecting some books that I ordered for her to come in soon. The delivery is estimated for the 3rd to the 7th. Hopefully they'll ship it soon, that's the price I pay for being  so cheap that I chose the free shipping option.

Check the top and sides of the page, you will see the book giveaways that I have listed on Goodreads. Today is the last day to enter, it ends tomorrow.

Well, I have deadlines to meet and things that should have been done months ago so I'll be going to work on them now.


A bottle broke, the crash was distinctive. He heard it across the bar, and wondered how long it would be until someone cleaned up the mess.
“Stupid! What the hell did you do that for?”
“It was rancid.”
“How would you know? You’re just the janitor.”
“I was once the best sommelier in the country.”

Buffet (150)

“A bottle of wine. Surprise me.”
“Yes sir. Anything else?”
“A salad, add onion, tomato, diced peppers. Italian dressing.”
“Will there be anything else?”
“Not now, my date will be along shortly.”
“Very well.”
The waiter went to put in the order and he sat alone staring at the buffet. Lizzie would pick it immediately. He had no idea how she could eat off those things but her willingness to do anything was why he loved her.

Why is he so amazed that she eats off of a buffet? Why is he ordering before she gets there? Is it going to be a good night?

The word is buffet, the limit for this post was 150 words. This post comes in at 77 words. Click the link to see the official rules at the M3 blog.

Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

Yesterday was a flash fiction day, and today is another break in the 30 Day Challenge. We will resume regular programming tomorrow. In the meantime, we're having an almost wordless Wednesday. Enjoy.

Busboy (75)

“Chop the onions, peel the potatoes, and brown the meat.”
“Are you sure this is meat?”
“Just do as you’re told.”
“Yes, sir. Brown meat from green, coming right up.”
The kitchen was a nightmare. Why had he ever given up the glamour of being a busboy? ________________________________________________________________

Day 17: Something I'm Proud Of

Day 17 is something that I am proud of. What would that be?

Crystal (100)

He kept shouting out over the newscaster. The noise was ringing in her ears, making her head pound and her ears build pressure. Blood pressure rising with her temper she picked up the glass and flung it.
“What the hell are you doing?”
“Trying to get you to shut up.”
“You could have killed me.”
“It’d have been better than breaking my crystal.” _________________________________________________________________________________
Who is she? Why would she rather kill him then break her crystal?
The word is crystal. The limit for this post was 100 words, this one comes in at 63. Click the link to be taken to M3 and the official rules.

Day 11: My Family

Yes it is time to talk about family. I don't know about you but mine is insane.

Day 10: Music Player

OK it's time to see what the music player got, or rather what I want it to play. 

Day 9: How Important is Education to Me?

OK today is Day 9. Education is the theme. So just how important is education?

Day 8: What Did I Eat Today?

It always starts with coffee, at least half a pot if I don't get up early enough to have the whole pot alone. 

Fork (150)

The day had been long, the night was going to be longer. Food was a luxury out in the woods, and today had not made an exception of this rule. If anything it had made it worse. The weather was unforgiving.
Bundled in only a windbreaker he had no idea how long he would be able to survive out here. The fire was smoldering making him glad he at least had some more wood to put on it. Food would be nice though. It would go nicely with the fork he had found in his pocket.

Where is he? Why does he have a fork in his pocket? Did he go for a hike unprepared or did he get caught in a storm?

This post was inspired by the Flash in The Pan Challengeover at the M3 blog. The limit was 150 words, this post comes in at 96 words.