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Saturday's Plans

Today is Saturday, or it will be when this goes live. The hope for today? Well that would be to make it to the library with that short kid, provided she feels well enough and get her a library card before her field trip next month. They are going to the library as part of the trip. It's all local so she'll be close and actually get to go places in this town I've never bothered to go, like the art museum. Of course that could be because I didn't realize we had one. What? This place is so boring you don't think of it having anything half resembling culture. There are some restaurants downtown that I'm tempted to try but parking is awful for them. 

Provided my will to get up and go to the laundromat was not good yesterday, I'll be forcing myself to do that today. I will not be taking all of the clothes though. Just the kids, some towels, bath clothes and a few of ours. I have to wash a comforter and that's going to take half the drying budget so they clothe…

Now for Christmas

Yes, the next holiday would be fast approaching, but before it gets here one of my children has a birthday. I have no idea what to get her. My girls are far from typical, so we run into this problem each year. This child will not come out and tell me what she wants anymore. She has a head for finances, or rather an understanding of broke and she understands that I am. Wise beyond her years, and I am working hard to correct the fact that for a while now I have been at the maximum with my expenses. 

When I say maximum I mean that there is nothing left in the event of an emergency. I miss my cable but it was a small sacrifice that didn't really open up the savings potential. Something else took it's place. My light bill is down but that again left room for repairs to be performed. The idea is to get everything fixed and tuck money away. I have to live here until I can find a place that I can afford and that takes pets. I don't want to buy anything down here. I don't want t…

The Reason I Write for A Living

I write for a living so I can stay home and set my own schedule. It's rather challenging at times to fit enough hours in the day, but the reason I want to stay home is certainly a good one.


OK it's growing colder and all I want to do is hibernate. I've spent more time making lists than completing them. I am exhausted soon after I wake up, eating makes me tired and I have to buy the dog a leash that he cannot chew. I also have to build him a small dog house to keep the weather off him, and put a stake in the ground to tie him to when we leave the house together so that he will not chase cars. It's easier than putting up a fence, although I would love that.

I want to stay in bed all day long, but of course I have to earn a living. The recent change in web browsers caused me to lose all the progress on two books.  I would still be putting together a professional about me. It's difficult not to ramble and to stick to the point. I can restart my books, and come up with concrete titles. It's a bit annoying that both of them are lost for the moment, but I will starting them over once I go back and outline the points I intended to make.

OK I'm exhausted, …

Romantic Monday Attempt

OK so Red over at M3  is doing this Romantic Monday thing. I figured I could try. She did something a bit unusual today, and I'm not all that sure I have Romance in my nature. I prefer reality to roses, chocolates and innuendo when not offered for comedic affect. Either way I'm attempting it. So here goes.

All Nighters Yet Again

I'm too old to be forcing myself to stay up all hours of the night to work, but that is exactly what I am doing at this point. Well, on Fridays, Saturdays and the nights of the school holidays. The amount of expenses lately along with the never ending pile up of neglected house work would be finding me seeking more hours in the day.

Recently a vast number of expenses both expected and unexpected have taken their toll on my household. The car for one. It had to have plugs, wires, an idle valve and yet another alternator as a result of the plug and wires not being replaced sooner. This expense could have been avoided had I been told in no uncertain terms they were so bad they were what caused both the alternator and the battery to have to be replaced the last time around.

The expenses causing slight problems is not lost on me.  The fact that school pictures came out for the first of two times this year is not lost on me. $16 for the smallest pack they have. That's $32 a year, an…

Preparing for 2013

The grass is dead and a few of the trees would have leaves that changed color and dropped to the ground now, some of them are still hanging on stubbornly. Others would remain green. There is however a lack of trees around the house, the trees closest to it would cause more stress than stress relief. Cloudy overcast skies would be making me a bit sluggish, and I would be starting to plan for next year out of boredom and lack of motivation.

While I dread the unbearable heat of summer I would be missing it as the temperatures are in the fifties. I am not sure why this is the time of year that finds me the least productive when there is less to do outside. I could have the yard cleaned completely with the cooler temperatures. This is not to be, there is grass that still requires cutting, but the cost of gas is outrageous and expenses are mounting.

I have decided to just focus on working enough to cover the main expenses and take a little time to rest and regroup during this time of year …

Slow Progress on All Fronts

OK the additions of pages is going slowly. Linking to relevant things slower. Work is tiring and I'm slowing down for the weekend. Next week will see a dentist appointment and cooking for Thanksgiving. A simple meal is what it will be. Chicken and dumplings with dressing. That's what I want, with red velvet cake for dessert.

I am bored out of my mind every time I try to work. I recently went from Chrome to Firefox. Chrome started acting up, freezing up and not displaying pages properly. This means that I get to start over on my second book, it was in an application for Chrome. Oh well, that's life I have it in my head. Sort of.

I still have to create the page for my favorite sites and for the different things here, like fiction. Finding all the posts to put on a single page to make navigation easier is probably something that I should have done long ago, but well I love to put things off until I can't stand it anymore.

My most consistent act these days is taking a bre…

Can I get a Break?

The hell that is my life  daily grind that is my life is getting to be a bit much to handle at the moment. I am about to lose it from the stress. I've been trying to reduce expenses for a while. The week has found me attempting to apply to new writing venues  while continuing to work toward the earnings goal that I set for myself this week. At this point in time I would be half way there.

I have another application that I am working on, and it's going to take a while. The last one I put in was turned down. Funny, I've written for them before so I'm wondering if I shouldn't have just stayed there, but it was a rather long time between assignments. Oh, well there are other venues out there.

I'll be slowing down a tad to get the kid to help me clean up a bit, it'll help her organization skills. It's time to buy school pictures again. $16 for a tiny pack, that's big enough for us considering we have two picture taking sessions this year and I can't …

Changes in Hope of Simplicity

There are some changes in progress both in my life and for this blog. You will notice the addition of pages; these are still in progress as I attempt to get them organized. There is the possibility that they will be here today and vanish from sight temporarily as I realize something is not right with them. The goal is to provide pages with links to my other blogs, specifically to put all the posts pertaining to a specific topic in one place since I cannot integrate them into one without moving to a different blog hosting site. Right now that is not something I am ready, or have the patience to achieve.
I would be in the process of rearranging finances to dwindle down to the bare minimum in an effort to take care of various things long left neglected as I spent hours attempting to work with interruption after interruption often making it impossible to avoid working until the wee hours of the morning in order to meet a deadline. I would be cutting down on my working hours. The goal is…

Sunday Fiction

She glided effortlessly across the floor seemingly her feet never touched the ground. Intricate movements hypnotizing the audience, Lillian would be his stiffest competition. The years of professional training would not stack up against her natural talent. The dance would secure her place in history.