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Spread Thin

I feel spread a bit thin but it seems that is the way that I like it. When I moved over to Word Press I thought that I would leave these three blogs behind but I don't seem ready to do that just yet. So in order to keep myself sane I am writing posts as they come to my head. I am often rambling endless thoughts out loud just to hear intelligent conversation so I'm writing them down now.

I spent most of the Christmas vacation working as much as I could. I still have worries of the New Year being thin on funds but that is a hurdle that I will jump when I get to it. I have an appointment book for the New Year that luckily for me started its dating a few days earlier so I could go ahead and leave the one for this year in the drawer. Seeing my appointments all in one place is something I enjoy, it keeps me focused and lets me know just when I can work and can not.

OK two calls about appointments, or about the same appointment rather. First they call to cancel it then apparently the…


Well, Christmas is soon. It's starting to look like a little blonde kid is getting a stocking full of coal. She's having tantrums at everything that is said or done lately. It could be the lack of therapy, the lack of school or the lack of outside this time of year. I'm tired and I still have to wrap the few presents that they are getting this year.

I'm hoping that next Christmas will be better. If the last few years are any indication there is a lot of work to be done. After the first of the year I have some long neglected repairs to do by myself before school lets out for the summer. I hope to get my divorce filed by then. It dawned on me today that I had been neglecting opportunities and that is being corrected as I type. I'm still working on the book but there are some details to iron out of it yet.

I just want to scream but that's not going to help. I have a lot of work to do and a bunch of laundry backed up to do. I large walking useless piece of furnitur…

Frantic to Get It All Done

The realization that I have yet to wrap what few gifts that I managed to get my girls this year hit me all of a sudden. I was in shock that I had not bother to wrap them but I still did not hurry to do so. This year did not go as planned. I was getting a bit too comfortable though. I've come to associate the time at the end of the year when people typically celebrate the holidays to someone dying. This year was no exception and now four children will not have their mother this holiday season.

I am not sure if it was supposed to be this way or not but it does not seem fair. There is nothing that seems fair lately, especially the fact that at the rate I'm going I will never again have the time to sit and enjoy life. I used to enjoy sitting on the front porch (provide me one with shade) to look around at the world. Not so much anymore. My front porch is in direct sunlight during the hours of the day that I'd like to sit on it and my back porch which I need the most is about t…

Broke ain't funny anymore

I am broke and it's not funny anymore. I can't manage to make ends meet. My bank account is empty and my change jar is down to less than a $1. I have a video camera in the pawn shop. Luckily it is only $25 to get it out. I just scrounged together change to get gas after therapy for tomorrow had to be cancelled. The soon to be ex and the kid ran out on their way back. All I had to do was pay attention and give them gas money to put gas in on the way, then they'd have made it home and little bit would have therapy tomorrow.

I've been thinking that the five days a week is starting to take it's toll on the budget and I'm probably right. There is one day she has to be picked up from school. At least the bus picks her up and brings her home the other three days. That helps but what happens if the school budgets get cut? She's the only child her age down this way, I'll have to take her and pick her up.

I think that I have to reduce her therapy slowly because t…

It Sure Doesn't Feel Like Christmas

OK so a while back I transferred all my posts to Word Press to get a blog there started without losing all of these. With much thought I decided to maintain these three, my weebly and the word press instead of doing away with them all but the Word Press just yet. I have had a lot of ups and down this year, I'm hoping that next year is uneventful and boring.

A year with just one funeral is one too many. I wrote an opinion piece of sorts this morning. After spending most of the week trying to wake up I had to get the emotions down and instead of keeping them to myself I put them out for the world to see. It was an article about the Reality of Death I'm sure some will disagree but I don't care right now. It is all true. I buried a friend I've known since the 5th grade this week, she was one day younger than I am. She had been through a lot, she had six children and buried two of them. Her mother has breast cancer, over a year ago they were told they only had six months le…