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Sunday FTP

Clink, clank, clink was the familiar refrain as she dropped the coins in the slot. Closing the door she doubled checked to make sure it was locked in place. Up on tiptoe she opens the bottle and attempts to pour without the ability to fully see her target. Splat, small droplets hit the top of the machine and the purple liquid runs down the side of the bottle.
Push the button, wrong button. Try again, extra wash and extra rinse. Start. The clothes begin to spin and the water starts to splash against glass. Soap suds cascade down the front of the machine, time to begin figuring out dryers to use. Laundry day means hours of mindless repetition.

Internet Experiment

Actually I should call it the lack of Internet experiment a serious of events has created a domino effect which leaves me without home Internet until at least October. I say at least because it might not be on by then. It seems that despite all my efforts my expenses increasing, late payments and a serious of errors made the Internet a luxury. Yes, I realize the irony since I use it to work.
The recent confirmation that a particular client understood perfectly that there was a 9% fee on every payment they sent me and that they had no intention of covering it made me rethink private clients. It would seem I was not clear enough that I expect not only the article rate but the fees incurred to be covered by clients to prevent working for free. I know that I was not clear enough that I do not care to do work that has four hours of research and an hour to write the article for a tiny sum. Thanks to no Internet I am now free from that client. I have made a living without clients before, I …

Wednesday and FTP

Dark clouds rolled across the sky to mix with the white fluffy clouds and leave an opening of sunshine in the eerie quiet. The wind picked up and the trees began to bend. Flashes in the sky, closer and closer until the house began to scorch, lightning had struck the roof and now the flames began to engulf it.
No words were said as the trucks pulled up with the hoses ready to soak the inferno. The house was a lost cause, proof that nature could not always be tamed.
The word is lightning and the word limit was 125 words. This post is only 90 words. 

FTP on a Tuesday

The heat from the oven was making her pour sweat she only hoped that it did not drip into the food. The apron was covered in flour from her baking efforts and frosting was decorating the counter like an abstract painting. She knew it wouldn’t be right, maybe she should just order in dinner.
The word is dinner the word limit was 125 words, this post is a mere 54 words.

A FTP short

The smoke rose from the mountain top as flames shot high into the air. They looked on in awe as ashes covered them like a snow storm. The entire village was covered, fast being buried. They would never again know a world where the air was clean and pure. 

Not Able to Focus on Much

A sick child at home this week has made me unable to focus on anything much including work. Tropical storm Isaac teased rain for a few days before he actually delivered and there were tornado warnings issued in the evening and overnight hours. That is never comforting to wake up to hear first thing in the morning. 

I have trouble focusing when my kid's father sleeps because you can hear him snoring outside and he refuses to go to bed during the day. Instead he sits in the living room, a few feet from my computer and snores I do believe it's because he knows and I cannot think over it and he's trying to cause problems. He has yet to understand that his check doesn't even cover gasoline expenses yet he gets to live worry free at times causing me so much stress the urge to choke him to death shake the hell out of him is too strong to resist. 

I have been sick as well, and the appearance of a rather short deadline (which I happened to miss twice) put me in a panic. I am glad…