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Preparing to Spend Time in the Heat

Over the next week my little girl is going to get some outside time. We're going to work in the yard and on the back of the house. I've been looking for somethings that I have been wanting for a while. The grass needs cutting something awful yet again. It's going to take forever and a day to get it done. It never gets finished. I have to buy another riding mower but for the moment I have an easy walk. It's time consuming to cut this entire yard with it but it has to be done.

I have an idea of how to keep from having to cut the entire yard. There are raised beds to plant things in that can make it easier to grow things. Well, it makes it easier not to have to weed things. I saw a few but they are all out of my price range at the moment.

This one is cute

but it doesn't actually meet my needs. It's kinda sm…

When to Walk Away

There is a time when it is time to walk away whether it is from a relationship or a job. My biggest problem has always been getting people to understand that you do not work for them anymore. Well, it starts with getting them to understand that you do not wish to work for them anymore.

I write for a living. I get paid by the word or by the article depending on the circumstances. I am in desperate need of time off. I have worked and worked for weeks on end staying up late nights that end without adequate sleep and cause me to be rather irritable. I have a ton of things to do that are impossible to do while I am trying to work constantly.

The last two summers I did little work for others and focused on just my work. In fact last summer I did one maybe two projects because of an emergency car repair. I didn't have enough regular income to come up with the money to take care of it. A few months ago I came across a client that runs a writing business. She has different jobs at differen…

Confused and More Confused

I never know what to do when it comes to figuring numbers with noise around. I know the things I need what I do not know is how to fit them into my ever so limited budget at the moment. It's a bit strange to be so broke yet again.

Another one of those unexpected expenses got me. This time it was tires. Two tires for the front of the car. It caught me off guard even though it shouldn't have and the front end is still shaking. Thankfully not as bad as it was but bad enough it set me back a bit more than I'd like.

The car needs brakes. $150 worth of brakes roughly. That's coming off the top of next month so that they do not go out on me next school year. I'll be sending the baby on the bus, then waiting for her father to get home, then doing my errands because I was pushed to sell my Rodeo. I got tired of the constant repairs of the thing. Sadly if I had not had to constantly repair it I would still have it, but even sadder stripping it would have gotten me more money…

Yard Work Never Gets Finished

The summer is bringing a lot of heat at an amazing speed. The yard is already in desperate need of cleaning even though the winter slowed it's growth. The first rains and warm temperatures brought with them an increase in grass, weeds, fire ants and wasps. This means that I used my Kmart rewards points to buy bug spray to fight wasps and fire ants since both are painful pests when you make them mad. The yard is in the process of being cut. Yes, process since there is only a push mower with the easy walk feature to cut it with. It is a bit large and areas that were once clean are now overgrown as a result of the heat and rising gas prices meaning it'll take a couple weeks to get it down where it needs to be. It seems as if the work never gets done.

There are some repairs that have to be done before I can move. The wall has to be fixed on the outside. I am using the boards I have to do it and then siding over them. This is going to be fun to measure and figure out. I am ordering…