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Showing posts from August, 2014

Saturday Evening Post

The last couple of weeks have been filled with strange things. Some productive and some not so productive. I managed to have a doctor's appointment and have my medication delivered in the same day. Sit back and relax, let's chat.

Wordy Wednesday

I have an appointment with the shrink today to check (change) my medication because I am not getting along with this one. The visit will not be long since we go from there to the pharmacy and she will send it electronically to them. 
I renewed my Netflix on a free trial to see if I would use it, and signed up for Gamefly to see if I would use it. I have to entertain us somehow and trying before you buy it or subscribe to it is the best way I can think of to do it. I am going to be writing more and I plan to actually post regularly again.
Now it's time to get back to work so I'll see you later.

Monday's Updates

My month has already been full and it hasn't even gotten started completely. Sit back and I'll fill you in on the not so glamorous details.