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The Recovered WIP

OK a few months ago I was in the process of writing a book only to abandon the original idea as every copy on my hard drive refused to open because of one problem or the other. Eventually I abandoned the idea and wrote an entirely different book.

Rainy Monday

It's Monday and it's raining, so Rainy Monday it is. I am still sick, so I am staying in today I will go to the school tomorrow instead, and asked the speech therapist to call if she has a cancellation later in the week.

Sunday Evening

Well, this week has been one of sickness, confusion and in the end playing catchup. I managed to get my foggy mind to work long enough to find someone that had been out of contact for a while. It was my duh moment.


OK so I'm sick, there is some sort of flu like virus going around that I managed to develop. Maybe it's the new strain I keep hearing about, either way that means that I am foggy and falling farther behind.

Intoxicated (100)

"Did you see the way he stumbled in here?"
"Yeah, why is he here anyway?"
He stopped short of the door on his way out and hit the floor. The necklace fell out of his shirt for everyone to see. A closer look revealed that he was not intoxicated as they had thought.

Satisfied (100)

The books were all stacked neatly, final edits had been torture but they were in print. The sales were through the roof and the social calendar was full.
The phone pulled him out of his daydreams. “Hello.”
“Yes, I understand.” He was not actually surprised as he put the receiver down; it appeared that he would have to be satisfied with the fantasy of success with yet another rejection under his belt.
The word is satisfiedand this post was inspired by the Flash in the Pan challenge on the M3 Blog. The word limit was 100 words and this post is 72 words.

Amazed (150)

My neck hurts, and it feels as if my legs won’t cooperate if I attempt to stand. The lights were so bright, before I was surrounded by nothing but darkness. I have no idea where I am, but I fear that it is not safe here. The noises keep coming closer. I have no idea what they are. Voices have been in my head forever, now it feels as if they are real. It all went wrong somehow. I have no idea where it when any of this ends I just hope it ends soon.

A Birthday Flood

Happy Birthday to me! I'm still a bit under the weather from the weekend, and the schools are letting out early today as a result of flooding. Not early enough for me given my road had a bad spot for flooding that the bus has to drive through to bring the baby home, but earlier than normal. I'm hoping they will drive the route backwards. I am also hoping there is no lightening when I go to get her off the bus.

The rain began last night, at first it wasn't that bad. Then the thunder started to shake things up a bit. Well, I managed to make it through the first round even laying down to ease the pain in my neck. The second round, well at about 1 a.m. I had almost dozed off just to bolt upright in bed at the sound of tornado sirens. Bolting upright in bed after spending a couple hours trying to find a position your neck does not result in anything but unbearable pain.

Well, it's getting closer to 11, so I'll be going. I have to find something to cover my head before t…

Time for More Therapy UGGH

It would seem that my child did not meet a couple of January benchmarks so she is not currenlty on track for promotion to the first grade in those areas. Her IEP overrules this is she manages to successfully complete it. Still the skills are those that she has mastered elsewhere, at least one of them is which would mean that she either refused to do it for the tester (she did not know them) or she is not generalizing the skill. 

Happiness (150)

The last of the boxes were placed on the moving truck and Anna pulled the door closed. She took a last look at the house, resisting the urge to go in and check for things left behind. This day was one that she had waited years to come; she never wanted to be here.