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A Love Letter

I am alone, though not without companionship. I am not seeking a relationship nor do I want one, I am merely going with the flow. However in a world where pen and paper are rare having been cast aside for electronic devices, I have decided to make at least one post that is a love letter. No I do not have anyone specific in mind as I pen these words, they are merely thoughts that I believe would be present in love letter should they ever return to existence in the world today.

Wordy Wednesday

It's Wednesday and once again instead of being wordless I am wordy. I figure the rest of the world can be silent, I cannot even enjoy the pictures as the oddest things are making me dizzy these days. Let's chat.

Word of the Day: Survival

Survival is the word of the day. It is what I am best at no matter how many times I fall completely apart when I feel as if there is no where to run for safety. Sit back and we'll discuss surviving in the modern world on your own.

Saturday Evening Post

This is where I wrap it up into a not so neat little package. A lot is weighing on my mind right now, and it seems that if I do not get it out I may lose what's left of my mind. Sit back and enjoy the ride with me.

Realizing the Truth

Only when you are truly happy do you realize how miserable you have been. I am happy now, and it now that I realize just how miserable I was for so long. It was much more that I realized even though I was aware that I didn't want to be there.

January So Far

Every year it seems that time goes by faster than the year before. We are only at the middle of January 2015 but I am ready to review the year up to this point. Grab a drink and indulge me.

Wordy Wednesday

When I do not feel well there is a lot that goes undone around my home. It's not as bad now that it is just me and my child without any other adults (those over 18) in the house that could have, but did not do anything that needed to be done.

Actions Say it All

When words do not match actions you are not being honest with anyone, not even yourself. 


It is once again time to bring my expenses down, and I am not enjoying the process as much as I have in the past. It is not a game this time; it is a mission that I have to complete in order to keep my sanity.

Another Appointment

I have an appointment today. It is not with the counselor but with a nurse practitioner. Almost a year after I moved here I managed to find a health care provider that takes my insurance. 

It is a routine checkup and I was told not to eat or drink anything after midnight because of the test that would probably be ran on me. I have been having flu like symptoms and it is time to do something about it.

This will kill two birds with one stone. I received a letter from the counselor's office that I needed a referral under a new policy to continue to be seen.

Here's to hoping that I am in good health.Until next time, I hope that you are also.

Wordless Wednesday

Okay instead of the wordy Wednesday I typically do, I'll just be putting up some pictures that make me think.


Why is it that the older we get the faster time goes by? I have no idea but I wonder about it regularly as I realize that even the longest days are not as long as they once were. 

Weight Loss Challenge for 2015

I did not make resolutions for the new year. Instead I made plans. They are rough but they give me a guideline to go by, and goals for the new year. Among this is weight loss because I miss feeling good just by looking in my mirror. 

Sunday's Rambling Thoughts

I have come to a decision that in 2015 I am actually going to attempt to keep this blog updated more regularly than I have in the past. It is the only one of the three that is still active and it seems a shame to let the one place I have to spill out all my thoughts and feelings go to waste. Sit back and wander through my wondering mind with me. 

Saturday Evening Post

2014 ended on a bittersweet note. Reality while something I am well aware of is not something that is always pleasant. It is often tempered with what if's and had I only known. There have been a lot of these for me through the years but there was something else that went with them.

In Theory

Today ends the first week of 2015 (sort of). The savings charts call for $1 for the first week, $2 for the second week and so on. I'm pretty sure my budget at the moment does not allow for this. Thus proving that I should have stuck with it when I started it this year. 

Wondering Why

I am wondering why a lot these days. Hopefully the new year that is upon us will bring me the answers that I seek. The weather has caused the heat to be on often in our home, so snuggle up and maybe together we can find the answers being sought.