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More Penny Pinching

We are pinching pennies because Shorty has a wish list and I have debt to get out of while making those wishes come true. The change jar is something that I have not been able to implement in a while because I was using my debit card for purchases. Now Shorty has a jar to hold the money she earns doing small tasks; she is learning money management and how to find something for less while waiting on the larger ticket items ($5 and up).


I remember summer seeming to be just a little longer than it is now when I was a kid. The time I get to spend with Shorty seems to decrease every year. The weather days give me additional time during the school year but they also extend it into summer. It's not much of a trade-off when it comes to the time I could spend with her. 

Pinching Pennies

I am already thinking of December. Not only will it be Christmas time but Shorty has a birthday two days later. I have no problems deciding what to get her this year; Shorty has already made requests. Hence the pinching of pennies.

Revisiting Expenses

I have been revisiting the some of the series on savings and credit cards over at M3 to refresh some skills. The instructions given in the post are feasible, and I need to implement them for this Christmas. I also need a small emergency fund set up for things such as illness etc. Let's discuss my reality for these situations.

Saturday Evening Post

Independence Day has families across the country celebrating and the spirit in the air is amazing. Today we take a moment to be thankful for our freedoms, they are far more than the ability to grill out, drink a beer and stuff ourselves as children learn the basics of loud noise followed by beautiful colors. 

Hope your holiday is a happy one, and you remember those that sacrificed everything so we could walk freely. 

Triggers for Stress

My stress triggers are something I am just beginning to figure out. It is important to know them because stress triggers my nerves. It is difficult to describe how my nerves act up when this happens so I will not attempt it today, instead I will focus on the triggers.

Sitcoms from Yesteryear

In recent years I have found that I prefer watching shows from when decades ago. There are only a handful of shows that come on today that I sit down and watch. I have a tendency to stream things on my computer or the Roku channels on my television so that I can pick and choose what I watch and when I watch it.

Bill Day

It is bill day. I will out of pocket while my head spins paying everything and checking the lists I made to ensure that I budgeted correctly for this month.

I found that I was out of somethings that I didn't even realize I had ran out of while I was searching through the cabinets for things. I know that there are some items I should buy this month because I can save money on them and earn cash back this month. The cash back will aid with the expense of Christmas.

It is time that I actively do something about the extra weight I have put on without getting side tracked. That will help us to reduce expenses as well. It is just time to start finding the recipes that I will make us through the holiday season. Shorty likes it when we make homemade cookies and things so I will be finding the recipes for them again since I have lost all of my cook books. Index cards will come in handy as well as I lost all of my recipe cards in the original move as well.

  I hope that your day is peaceful…