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Looking forward to the New Year

There were a few twists and turns that I never imagined during 2013; so 2014 is looking rather promising. I have plans. I cannot say what they are just yet because that is sure sabotage. I am still researching but so far things appear to be rather promising.

I have fewer obstacles in my way than I did before so that will be a great help in achieving the goals that I am setting for the new year. It is amazing what reducing stress levels will do for you.

I am still working on my organizational skills as they have fallen to the wayside in recent years but that is slowly getting better. It is time to focus and make new, happy memories with my youngest daughter.

Happy New Year. Hope it is filled with serenity for you.

Flash Fiction: Compulsive

I should probably be doing something productive like taking my meds but I’d rather sit and stare into space. I have this compulsive need to chain smoke and play mindless games instead of letting reality creep in. The doctors have told me I’m working my way to an early grave.
The word is compulsive and this post comes in at exactly 50 words. Visit M3 for details.

Flash Fiction: Deranged

He had to be deranged; that was the only explanation she could come up with his leaving. The outside world did not know the torture that she had put him through. They were unaware of all the financial difficulty she had caused and the relationships abusive nature as they tried to convince him to return for the sake of the children. They failed to see that while claiming to be his friends they were attempting to force their beliefs on him despite the damage that would occur if he returned.
The word is deranged and this post comes in at 90 of the 100 word limit. Visit M3 for details.

7 Years Ago Today

7 years ago today, seven years and two weeks after my oldest daughter was born I had this adorable little girl. I love you, shorty.

Flash Fiction: Demented

She had deleted nine voicemails only to find five the more the next day. The intent was clear in his voice, he was trying to make her crazy. Too late. Though the PTSD and worsening of her panic disorder during the marriage would make her case an easy one when it came time to stand before the judge. He had to be demented to think that she would go back; decades of abuse made her well aware of how the cycle typically ended. So far she was a living statistic, and she would keep it that way. A few hundred miles between them ensured that he would never lay a hand on her again.

Why does she bother to check her voicemail anymore? After decades of abuse how had she fallen into the cycle yet again? How has she managed to stay alive? Is there ever enough distance between abuser and victim?

The word is demented and this post comes in at 114 of the 150 word limit. Vist M3 for details about Flash in the Pan.

Hot Flash: Crazed

She felt like a crazed lunatic following the instructions she had been given. Who had written this program? A two year old perhaps? Nothing was given the correct name and pointing it out caused a tantrum from supervisors.
The word is crazed and this post comes in at 38 of the 50 word limit set by M3’s Flash in the Pan challenge.

Flash Fiction: Erratic

She thought she was in love with a man that had taken up so much of her life but the illusion was soon shattered. The fact they could not get along for more than a few minutes at a time became increasingly obvious as his behavior became more erratic. She wasn’t sure what made him turn cold and blame her for things that she’d never done; so she blamed it on the alcohol.

This post comes in at 73 of the 75 word limit. Visit the M3 blog for details on the flash in the pan challenge.

14 Years Ago Today

I had this gorgeous little girl who's not so little anymore. Happy Birthday baby girl! I love you!

Still Here

I have not fallen off the Earth; I have merely been resting, sort of. Writing is now a hobby that has the potential to earn additional funds. I am enjoying the fact that I can now avoid the stress of short deadlines and write what I want to.

The kid is adjusting to medication for irritability and some days I wonder if it is worth it. I'm not sure whether it is or not yet since it makes her so tired.

I'm adjusting to this whole get up and get dressed to leave for work thing. It's a bit of a strange feeling after working at home for so long but I do believe it's better for my stress since I still see the kid without need of daycare since she is in school all day.

Now to figure out what to do when her waiver finally comes through.Well, I have to run finish getting ready so I'll be back later hopefully with flashes for the new quarter of Flash in the Pan.