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Plans - Maybe

I used to make plans and more often than not something went wrong with them. Usually that something was someone popping up and not leaving so I could go. Other times it would storm or something would tear up so I never made it to my destination. I finally gave up and stopped making plans all together. I even stopped making plans for working because despite asking people numerous times to give advanced notice before coming out there were always pop up visitors when I was the busiest.
Now that the constant interruptions are gone I can work. That is if I can keep work lined up and deadlines met. I have to make some repairs so that this place lasts a bit longer because the day I get to replace it appears to be slipping further away. I spent some times making plans for repairs; the order they get done in depends on the cost and the time involved.
There are a lot of repairs and cosmetic issues that require attention. Hopefully they will be taken care of a little at a time. I have a few thing…

Dreading Kindergarten

Next fall the baby goes to Kindergarten. I’m not looking forward to it at all. I mean she started school at 3. That means by the time she reaches Kindergarten she’ll have spent two and a half years at the preschool. Time that was originally supposed to be spent at home with mommy; then we got her Autism diagnosis. The rules all changed and now it’s time to transition from the special needs preschool to what I’m hoping will be a mainstream Kindergarten class.
April is when we go back to Dr. Cotter to have her Autism re-evaluated. The appointment is in April because the woman did not hear me ask for a June appointment; that or she wasn’t listening. I am not looking forward to the visit with Dr. Cotter. I do not care for her at all. That however is a different story.
This summer we will focus on therapy and the recommendations from this re-evaluation. We’ll be hoping that the diagnosis have improved again. I’m hoping that those green sheets are all positive. The therapists, the teacher, m…


Recent events have been rather stressful and I started to think about the things that cause me stress. The list is kind of long and there is no end in sight. Well, there is an end in sight; it’s called throwing everything that stresses me out. No, seriously I did take a look at my stress and I think that I can do something about it. At least I hope that I can.
Being broke is among the biggest stressors that I have. It’s not enough that I manage to pay take care of expenses and the needs of a special needs child; something has to tear up frequently. I’m tired of having to come up with money that I don’t have to repair or replace things that shouldn’t need either.
Working from home has started to cause stress. I took some time off and did what I wanted instead of writing for others. Well, now it feels like I’m being punished for taking time off. Jobs are few and far between most of the time. I had a regular run before the end of the year and more work was to follow but it didn’t. All of …


I have been rather spoiled to having central heating and cooling over the years but at the moment I would be at the mercy of space heaters while I wait for my duct work to be repaired. I have noticed that I get hot easier with the space heaters. It'll be the 25th of this month before I know how the heaters have been on the light bill. I can't wait to get the convince of being able to turn on the central unit but I will be turning it on lower now and I may use a space heater or two to keep it a bit warmer while we're awake. They come with automatic shut offs and thermostat setting now. The living room is a bit big to use just one but the bedrooms and bathrooms can be heated nicely with them.

I have noticed that I have a few friends, one in particular that I can count on when things get rough. I am thankful for them, I have no idea what I did to deserve them but I am glad that I have them. This month was rough and it shows no signs of getting better but somehow they make it …