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Wordless Wednesday

This single picture would sum up the week so far. Hope your week is going well.

Working Sick Does Not Make Me Happy

I do not like working when I am sick, it makes me irritable. It makes me more irritable when I am so sick I cannot function to put together a coherent thought and people ask for insane amounts of work to be done. I mean insane for a capable person.The fourth time I have to repeat that I am sick and they ask me to speed it up I am wondering why running over them is illegal. Today I will be working and attempting to read through class materials to take the quiz before the due date. I will also be checking around and bidding on different things.My schedule will be printed as soon as I move my printer onto the table that is now doubling for my desk, or simple take the time to move my desk all together. I have no idea where to put the table though. I thought about in the kitchen but the baby does crafts on it. Well, there is no point to this post, so I’ll let you go about your day.

All Things Being Unequal

I would be on a rampage to find a washing machine that meets all of my requirements. That’ll be difficult but I am buying a new one if it kills me.
Six months of having a torn up machine resulted in a new switch and a new capacitor just to discover that the problem is neither of those. So approximately $14.42 later I am putting my foot down and shaking the house. I am getting a new machine.
A service call would be $80. I don’t think so. The machine has been in use for seven years, or is it eight? It was used when I got it. Forgive me but it’s not worth another $80 to me for someone to look at it.
So let’s see. The machine has to be cheap, new, large enough to meet my enormous laundry needs and light enough I can move it including loading it into a vehicle on my own. I believe I may be in dreamland.
All things being unequal I suppose I can buy a tiny machine to get buy and take the larger items to the Laundromat. They didn’t’ actually fit in the machine I have anyway so it wouldn’t be th…

Too Much to Do

I have too much to do and none of it is work related. I would need to get work done, a lot of it. I would also have a house to take care of that is being neglected because I do not have a clone.
The ideal work week would be Monday through Friday while the kid is at school. The ideal housekeeping schedule would be first thing in the morning and just before last thing in the evening so I can rest. It is not working out that way. That would be a contributing factor to my stress.
Things are disappearing in this house. Things like the harness for the dog so I can control him better in the afternoons while we wait on the school bus.
Losing things in this house typically means that the house has to be ripped apart only to find the missing item where you would least expect it to be. It’s getting aggravating.
Tiny hands lose the book that is wanted for bedtime, and will not settle for anything else. I am hunting down organizers and labels. The kid can read to put things back, now to find out if h…

Hot Flash: Return

Sending the paperwork in was the least of the foundation's worries. The check had came back, insufficient funds. They were hoping to return the funds to the investors, but they had vanished. The dream was dead.

Where did the money go? Did they know the funds were not there when they wrote the check? Where they hoping for the deposit to magically appear? What were the funds for?

The word is return, this hot flash comes in at 36 of the 50 word limit. Visit M3 for the official rules and learn how to be included in the next edition of Flash in the Pan.

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