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Predictable, Good or Bad?

Predictable is defined by Websters as "to declare or indicate in advance; especially: foretell on the basis of observation, experience, or scientific reason" 

Predictions can be made about the weather, animals and of course people. When is it a good thing and when it is a bad thing? It is a bad thing you can accurately predict behaviors that are going to hurt you.  When the things that you can predict are good then they make you smile thinking of them, other things make you cry. 

There are patterns that appear in people, some do not realize they have patterns at all. They deny that they have them until you point them out to them. Saying things nicely is difficult when you are trying to  tell someone something straight and to the point. There will be times when you come off as being rude or just plan hateful..when all you mean to do is simply tell them how you feel.......

Well, I have work to do, predictable and thoughts on predictable will wait until another day.

IEP, Therapy and Work

There is a lot to do this month. I have to get everything together for the IEP meeting, I began today by taking the questions from the school and going over them with the private therapists. I needed input from my ABA therapist and the private speech. Our private OT was her OT in the school this year and she has already put in the goals for inclusion in the IEP. 

We can all agree that she needs an aid. The speech therapist will have hers for me soon. I needed us all to collaborate so that I could write out the answers to the questions as detailed and clearly as possible. The goal is to ensure that the IEP is detailed and only has to be done once.

I figured out that I need to move my computer. The glare from the windows is too much for me to work through. I have to find a spot that I can charge my computer and hook up my printer with it out of the way when it is not in use.

Now that I"m done with the updates for now, I'll go back to working on getting ready for the meeting. That …

End of the School Year Plans

OK the end of this school year is going to be interesting. This year not only will Little bit have an end of the year program that I'm not sure what month it is in but my oldest has a 6th grade graduation. I'm hoping they aren't on the same day, or at least not at the same time. Little bit is going to the graduation with me. If I remember right her end of year program is in the morning before noon. Graduations are typically in the evening unless it's for kindergarten, then they are in the morning. Seven years apart and in different school systems would make like interesting.

I have a twelve year old and a five year old in school this year. I wish that they were in the same school system. I have had little bit in the public school system since she turned three years old and we have been to very few activities; there is either not enough notice or it's not something we can all go to and she likes her dad to be included. Miracle league registration I missed because th…

Killing Time

I'm sitting in the speech office trying to kill some time. I figure my ad revenue is at $1 a day this month so far on my articles on one site. That'll mean that I make the $25 minimum payout by the end of the month, I really need to make it before the end of the month. I may promote some that income is something that I use to pay the phone bill. I need it to cover the Internet once again. I'm thinking of putting another blog up dedicated just to articles in a particular niche that I write to...or maybe doing it as a set of series in order to get all of them there.

I know I need to check and see which ones I have copies of and which ones I do not. That way I can keep up everything that I have done. I am thinking of going back to school, actually this will be approximately my fourth attempt at finishing my degree and I have no idea what I want to do.

I have had the majority of the day off and used it to write some of my own stuff. I also took some time to clean around the ho…

Exhausted for No Reason

I am rather exhausted today and I have no clue why. I slept until ten this morning which meant that the first thing I had to do was finish the article that I was working on when I went to bed and throw on a load of laundry. I finished the laundry and hung it outside, while it washed I knocked out the article. Now I have stuff soaking in the sink (delicate hand wash) and some things soaking in the washing machine. The whites are in a bleach soak.

I should have checked the weather however. I have a feeling that I may be picking my clothes up out of the neighbor's yard since we are under a wind advisory. I have a feeling that my clothes are going to get dry even with the lower temperatures thanks to the wind.

At the moment I am waiting for clarification to a revision request that I got which made no sense since I followed the directions. Well, I'm going over the changes now and I hear that I have more to do after this one so I best get back to work. I'll update my blogs and …