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First Full Day of Christmas Vacation!!!

Here's hoping that Vacation is better than the weeks leading up to it. Let me fill you in on the events since Thanksgiving and you'll understand why I am hoping it is better or at least illness free. Not only has my mini me been sick but it's put me under the weather as well. 

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Almost Vacation Time!!

Tomorrow is the last day of school before Christmas Vacation! It's only a half day so that means today is my last chance to ensure everything is completed before then. Theresa has already made the mandatory cookie purchase for Santa Clause.

Figuring It Out Again

I once thought I had worked out the issues that plagued me the past few years. Recent events and setbacks to my nerves have shown me that is not the case. Indulge me for a moment if you will and I'll fill you in on the new course I hope to take in 2018 to get me where I want to be at long last.

Illness Strikes Home

These past few weeks were filled with circumstances beyond my control. When you are sick and miserable everything becomes a chore but when your child is sick it gets worse. There is nothing worse than feeling helpless because you cannot do anything to prevent or stop the discomfort they feel.

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday Evening Post

I was reading through this blog and noticed that there were somethings that I'd forgotten. It's amazing how time changes things without your even noticing at times.

Returning to the World of Self Employment

It has been a couple of years since I dealt with the rigors of self employment, and it is not an easy transition to make when I had been planning on returning to the traditional work force for various reasons. Take a journey through the process of re-learning how to be my own boss with me.