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Saturday Evening Post

The week was filled with too much socialization for this self proclaimed antisocial being. It had me wondering why I ever moved to civilization in the first place. It was however good for the soul despite the panic that it caused. I am sure that I will be alright, in time.

I have three pairs of new shoes thanks to the new friends I have made. One pair of heels, and two pairs of flip flops. It seems my boots were making them hot and my running around barefoot was a cause for concern to them. There were some snakes seen out here, and it seems I am the only one that realizes it is not the bare feet but the panic that they strike at.

I had a discussion with my best friend, and some things came to light. They are obvious to us, but not so obvious to the rest of the world. We are very much, actually to much alike to be anything more than friends. The rumors have us dating, but we aren't. We just happen to have shared a lot of the same experiences, and feel the same about a great deal of…

Friendships and Adopted Family

I have been told that family is not about blood but loyalty. That is true, I have friendships that have spanned decades as well as new friendships that show adopted family is the one of the best kinds that you can have. They are loyal, loving and come to your aid when you need it the most even when you do not realize that you need their help.

It is an amazing feeling to have someone that you can tell anything and everything to without fear of judgement. Knowing that no matter what you say or do they will always be there is a feeling like no other. It's called trust, and whether we admit it or not we all have that one person that we trust more than anyone else in our lives.

Having a best friend of the opposite sex is sure to raise a few eyebrows but that is not your problem. There are those that will never comprehend the ability for members of the opposite sex to be friends without having a sexual relationship. They have small minds, and that is there problem.

My best friend is mal…

Wordy Wednesday

You will notice that instead of "Wordless Wednesday" I am doing a wordy Wednesday. I have a lot to say. There have been so many changes in recent months that I can't keep up with all of them. Moves, friends and socialization.

I missed church Saturday and Sunday. I'll be going tonight, because I made a point to ask the sweet old lady next door to make sure that we were up and functional enough to attend services. She will keep her word and come make sure that we are ready to go.

The neighbors are nice enough, and except for a little bit of drama it is relatively quiet out here. I am thankful to be here even if Shorty is the only child living out here. She likes the attention that she is getting as the only child out here. She is so fond of one of my neighbor's mother that she runs out the door to find her at random times.

She is hyper at night especially as it nears bedtime and needs prompting to get up at six in order to be ready for school. She makes me nervous …

Facing the Week Ahead

The week ahead promises to be a long one, yet again. I would be actively having a social life of sorts while trying to prevent the baby from injuring herself in a moment of hyperactivity brought on by the rain that is frequent lately.

She is adjusting nicely, we made some adjustments at school and she is settling down to very few incidents that are not appropriate in class. Her teacher actually took the time to figure out when the incidents occurred and do something about it. The goal was to make the environment more productive for everyone. It worked, I am more than slightly impressed by the open communication from the school. The teacher is aware that without details no one can help her, so she gives as many as she can and ask questions.

After fighting with knots in the kids hair and trying to keep her from jumping on the furniture I am starting the week exhausted. I am hoping that it will be as productive as last week. Actually a bit more, I am making plans for my appointment at th…

Saturday Evening Post

It has been a rather strange week, trust was lost in an instant and now I'd be trying to see if it was ever really there. It is not something that is given easily after everything, and the thought that the ability to do so was merely an illusion is a devastating one. 

Tonight I will pick up the pieces of the week, as the blond child sleeps and prepare for the week ahead. Church tomorrow will be a welcome reprieve for us. The friendly faces and ever present concern for us makes us feel loved.

The neighbors are quiet, and keep to themselves, as long as you leave the door closed. Other than that a few will take every opportunity to socialize with you. It is nice most days, until you want to be alone. Then you simply go home and close the door. They take it as a sign to back off.

Well, if I put this off any longer it will be a Sunday morning post, so I'll leave you for now.

Sometimes Secrets are Good Things

Secrets all come out in time, and some of them are bad. There are times when having a secret can make you happier than you have ever been in your life. I have one, and it' making me so happy I can't stand myself.

When the secret is good part of you wants to announce it to the world while the other part wants to hold it close as long as you can.

Well, I hope your day is full of good secrets. I'll be back to ramble later, at the moment my medication is making me sleepy. May your days be filled with sweet surprises.

Friends, Lovers and Loss

In this life friends and lovers come and go sometimes like a revolving door. Some have had far to many lovers and to few friends. We managed to allow both to slip from our lives, never to be heard from again, as if the wind blew them away.

Sunday Ramblings

This month is starting off rather strange. I managed to repay everyone from the move, and the apartment is rather well furnished at the moment. There is a place for us to sit and eat, watch television, sleep and even put our clothes away. At the moment we are being blessed so much that words cannot express the way that I feel.

We have been making friends, and adjusting to the changes that we made. The school is much better equipped to deal with the baby. She is refusing to do her work, and homework is a battle that is often lost but they are making changes so that it all gets done. School will be out soon, but I do not look forward to summer and falling out of a routine that is comforting for us.

We spend Wednesday and Sunday at the church and the baby is beginning to adjust. When they found out she had autism they began to make adjustments so that she would settle in easier.

All in all everything is falling into place slowly but surely.

Wordless Wednesday

The kid enjoyed her Easter toys, and our outing to the park. 

Facing a New Month

April saw Odds and Ends participating in the A to Z challenge. I neglected to see where I was before I began so I cannot post results of the challenge as far as statistics go. So this post is about the updates that didn't get posted as a result of the challenge and what the plans are for this month.

Easter was the start of a new tradition. Shopping with the kiddo so that she can decide what she wants the most for the holiday. We spent the weekend having mother and daughter adventures; among them a trip to the store and doing a bit of laundry. She enjoys the walk and watching the front load machine finish its cycle.

I saw some things that I plan to furnish the apartment with, but they will be bought over time in small segments. I purchased a pair of pliers and a small set of wrenches so that I have them for emergencies.

Thanks to a comment on Q is for Quarters I attempting to put the non-bill portion of the budget into envelops to see if I can actually stick to only spending what is…