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Hind Sight

Have you ever looked back at life and decided that if you had done things differently things would be different? I do it some days, and it's fun to come up with different outcomes like the choose your own adventure books. I mean thinking back about high school, college, marriages and kids can be interesting when you look at the choices that you made.


I would be in great need of socialization. I work from home because I refuse to deal with the public anymore. My outings are few, limited to shopping trips, therapy and the laundromat. That's pretty much it and I have nothing to do most days but work because I no longer have the funds to indulge in the luxury of a day off. I haven't even took the kid to a fast food place since summer started because of a lack of funds.

Reasons Behind No Socialization

We haven't even been to the free parks in the area because of gas prices. As I write this the cheapest listing for gas I can see is $3.07. Paying by text will make that $3.04 a gallon. We currently only have therapy but that's enough with the income in the summer going down. I plan to start putting some money aside when school starts so I can go socialize during school and take the baby to socialize after school or rather on weekends when work and homework permit.

That's a lot of money for gas, but I am determined to soci…

Aching muscles, clear head

My muscles are aching but my head is clear. I didn't go to the gym, instead I cleaned my house. I found old pictures, letters and a range of other things. The pictures made me wonder if I thought I was eating for twelve when I had my oldest child. The sad part is I miss the ability to buy fingernails more than I care about the fact that I looked like a cow. My nails were neat and painted to perfection because they were purchased at the local store.

I am in the process of cleaning out and organizing my house. There are boxes and bags to get out of the house. The categories are recycling, donating, and trashing. I am trading her books out for ones that are more up to her speed. So far the only toy she's reclaimed is a tiny computer that I thought she had outgrown years ago.

I am tired and soar so I'm slowing down a bit and focusing on organizing and books. The light stuff, especially since it's almost time to go back to work.

Waiting to See How It All Works

OK so a couple days ago we went to have a finger prick to check the kid's vitamin D levels. I'm hoping they came up some because that means I'm actually getting the supplement in her and she's not pouring it down the sink. She has about half a dozen that she takes, it's getting harder to afford them. I meant to discuss the doses with her doctor. We do get to drop the calcium since it is in her diet now that she got milk back.

There is one she gets twice a day that I meant to ask if she couldn't just use once a day in the morning with breakfast. Which reminds me that I need some yogurt or eggs to put it in since it appears to taste better to her in those. Her chew-able vitamins she throws in the floor.

I requested a payoff of $14 yesterday that means I can buy one pack of pull-ups Friday and have money leftover. I am back up to $1 where I requested payout, only $9 to go and I can hit the button for next week. I work based on what I need for payout, then go from …

Thunder Shook the House

Yes, thunder literally shook the house in the middle of the night. Actually closer to midnight and I ended up being up until about 4a.m. This means that I didn't get up until around 10a.m. This could create a problem if I don't stop doing it. I have to be able to get up at approximately 5a.m. when school starts back to get the baby ready for school and fed before the bus runs. I have to print out her supply lists so I can buy the things on it. I have no idea how to get it all done in time for the new school year. The kid needs new uniforms, enough to last through the week.

I can't remember how much they are exactly but I know that it's a lot. I also know that while I get them I still have to keep everything that we need at the house. This is going to be fun. Oh well, I have had some rest and now I'm going to bed shorty has an early morning tomorrow so I'll be going now.

Night all.