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That's what it is all right. There will not be a holiday dinner in this house, instead it is just a day like any other with laundry and dishes to be done. Once that is done there are still baby clothes to box up for a friend that is about to have a little girl. I have tons of small baby blankets that are simply taking up room in her dressers but are no longer used. I still have to print proofs out for the recent applications that are to be filled out.
I am updating Dazed and Confused on a regular basis, I like it's layout. Eventually I want to move these other three over there as archives to have it all in one place and simply redirect everything over there. That is going to be a long time consuming process so I think one post at a time, or a couple a day will get it all done eventually. I am tired but that's besides the point.
My vacation is truly a working vacation. So I best get back to it.

Definitely a Monday

It is Monday and I can certainly tell. At 4:30 this morning I was woken up by a four legged, meowing alarm clock that had let himself in for what appeared to be no other reason than to tell me he was hungry. It was not long after I took care of his food wishes and put him back outside that I realized I have a nice painful toothache. I also don't know why I have a toothache but my lower jaw would feel slightly swollen. I get to put the kid on the bus then see if I can find a dentist that will work with me to go see later in the week. I would also want to make sure that they will not pull it if it is infected but treat the infection first. Pulling a tooth that is infected hurts, I know I've had it done and I never want to feel that amount of pain in my mouth again.

I managed to get some work done this weekend and am hoping that the rest of this week goes as well as planned. I hope to make sure that all four of my blogs are as current as possible, finish the two new hubs I began …

Thanksgiving Week

The weekend ends today meaning that first thing in the morning we begin what will be just a two day week. I am rather excited at the prospect of not having to be somewhere at a certain time this year. I don't even want to spend the holiday with anyone actually. I don't enjoy holidays anymore so they are simply another day to me. I am not fond of the extended family that I married into, specifically I am not fond of the father and mother-in-law that I gained when I married. Had I been paying attention I never would have gotten married this time but that is a story for another day.

I am behind as far as my income and my household chores. Not sure how the house is so far behind since I was unable to work for two weeks because my computer was being fixed but I am, it is a realization that is not a pleasant one. I intend to spend the week off for Thanksgiving working as much as is humanly possible in order to prevent starting the new year in debt. The biggest obstacle there is gett…

New Schedules and Routines

In light of recent events there have been some unexpected changes to the way that I do things. My entire routine has been changed, at least for now. I am up by 5a.m whether I want to be or not. It's a little habit I developed when I was without Internet access. I am working as fast as I can in order to ensure that I can make up the income that I lost. I may not be able to make up that lost time but I can make sure that next month isn't the same way. I will be taking $50 as soon as it is available and reopening my savings account.

There are things that I need, among them a divorce. Well, I am well aware that I can file the papers myself. I just have to find the correct ones. I found out yesterday that the filing fees are or were only $170. I intend to come up with that very shortly and very carefully. I would also be in need of a vehicle that I can drive without any current problems that has decent gas mileage. The problem is that with current expenses I can not afford a car pa…

Setting Goals

Recent turmoil with my finances caused me to have to re-evaluate my financial goals and needs. The computer tore up putting me out of work for two weeks, the brakes went out on the car I was driving and the well is having issues. I realized too late that I was broker than I thought since I had recently closed my savings account. I need $50 to reopen it. That sounds like a small amount but there are children expecting Christmas. So what am I going to do?
I have been boiling water to dissolve the rest of my homemade laundry detergent in the kitchen sink in order to watch my child’s school uniforms. She has just enough to get her through the four day week she goes until Nanna gives her Christmas which includes more uniforms for school. I am trying to cut down on my utility bill so that we come up under budget next October when the settle up bill is due. The current budget amount is $245 a month which is what the average utility bill ran during the last year. So far this household is just…

Back to Work!!

It has been two weeks since my computer tore up. I have it back temporarily at the moment and am able to work. In fact I began the process of lowering bills already. My mother has had it for two weeks and finally said it was working well enough that I can use it. It is humming but it connects to the Internet and it stays on. I have to make up for the last two weeks and if I am online I find myself easily distracted so I decided to work offline while I catch up.
I even lowered my Internet bill for the time being. My mother purchased some groceries and gave me some money since I had been out of work and did not have a payday this past week. I put the groceries away figuring that we could make them last a few weeks and then I began the budgeting of the money that she gave me. First thing was to get my television out of the pawnshop, $62.50. (My youngest had been promised the Peanut Festival on Special Citizens Day)
She had a blast dragging me on rides that made me feel older than I realiz…

Does Anything Ever Go Right?

I mean I don't need a fortune but I would at least like to be able to pay the bills. My computer crashed almost two weeks ago now. That is two weeks I have been unable to work which means I have no money. My flat screen television set that I worked my fingers to the bone to buy a few years ago went to the pawn shop this morning. I need the money because nothing is coming together fast enough. My phone will cut off Thursday? I think it is due to an inability to pay the bill after purchasing one tiny bottle of vitamin D for my daughter. I am sitting at the library now with multiple windows open so I can get a tiny bit of work done as I update this with the timer ticking away. I have an hour and a half left of a hopefully two hour session. I spend more time than that running back and forth each morning to get to what I need to do. This whole spending two hours in one spot is making my brain a bit foggy.

In theory focusing on one task for two hours should be helpful but it would seem …

When It Rains It Pours

Well, at the moment I would be sitting in my local library watching the ticker at the top of the screen to remind me that my session is coming to a close. My computer tore up or I would not be here. It is more expensive for me to come here than to pay for Internet at home with the cost of gas, etc. I had to be in town today anyway so I decided to stay in town instead of going home and coming back one I ran my errands. I will be taking my little girl to McDonald's today since her lunch would not stay edible in the car all day. I"m going to check out a couple of books for her while I'm here and maybe one or two for me to help kill the time until I can get back to work. I have a book for pleasure but nothing to make me think and my mind is growing dull without interaction.

OK I've got to check my email and send email while I have the advantage of a full keyboard once again. I have no idea when I will make it back and I can not effectively work with so little time to thin…