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Week's almost over

Well the week is almost over, the parent/teacher conference I was supposed to have today has been rescheduled for the month of April. The weekend at home, then one speech appointment during Spring Break. That means I get to stay home for 8 days! 

Elated (50)

The brightly colored envelope could have only come from one person. He recognized the handwriting immediately.

A smile crossed his face as he opened it. He read the brief message and became elated that she had remembered him.


Obsessed with having things a certain way on the checklist I printed out lined check list that I can cut in half and staple without messing up the way they lay on top of each other. 

Aroused (100)

Phoenix had worked for months to achieve a new identity. Now it seemed the efforts had been in vain. She could not stay here and risk being found out, her life depended on moving on.

Interview with Laurie Childree

I was thinking things over and wondering what to do next. I found that I had a lot of questions. With one book published, two contributing author credits and a new book due out on the first of April, I figured I had better start asking and getting the answers before they multiplied.

Hot Flash- Energized

The room began filling with heat from the bright bulbs of the heater and she felt the chill leave her bones. Something about the cold weather made her want to snuggle deeper into the blankets but she know the urge must be resisted. A final surge of heat energized her.

Alive (100)

Sammy was sitting on the couch with his beloved puppy wondering why he had ever agreed to move back home. The boredom on any given day was enough to make him wish he'd stayed in the streets; living in a car wasn't ideal, but he didn't have to answer to anyone.

Self Imposed Deadlines

A self imposed deadline is the easiest way to get anything done. That is provided that you can in fact force yourself to do the work involved. What do you do when the house if a wreck, and you still have to earn a living?

Obsessed over a Dollar

Yes, I am obsessed with a $1, just a $1 difference in price (99 cents actually) is sending me into a tizzy. I do believe either I am among the cheapest people on the planet or I am truly becoming obsessed with the price of everything. That's another story, for another day, or for when I become so obsessed I break down and start a website dedicated to prices.

Ashamed (100)

A stack of newspapers lay on the table so that guests could easily grab one as they entered the classroom. The headlines would be the day’s topic of discussion.