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No focus

I have no focus. I have three windows open writing and one open to play games. No focus at all tonight. I really need focus since at the rate I'm going I'll be working 90 hours a week. Well, there are only 24 hours in a day and I have to sleep at some point. I have to work more than ever now. The first of the month is here and it's time to pay the bills again.

My tax refund should be here by the end of next month. Any other year they would be a much needed relief this year deciding where to spend it, actually on which repair and bill to spend it is making me a nervous wreck. So far the weather isn't terribly hot which means I have time to find an air conditioning solution. I know that I have no desire to repair the duct work since that would cost more than this place is worth at the moment with all the repairs needed on it. The well has been acting up and cutting itself off so I'm thinking about fixing that but I don't want to have to pay someone to come replac…

80 degrees in the house

Seriously it's almost 4:30 in the afternoon and it's right at 80 degrees inside. It's not even the first of March which means this summer is going to be rather unpleasant for us unless I find an air conditioning solution quickly. Another $400 light bill is one more than I can pay. We're $341 over budget which will get added to the actual bill that we have to pay during the month of October. At the rate we're going that'll be $1,000 easy.

I was reading Annie's post for the day and the dream home she mentioned looks nice. It's rather easy to maintain as well. I wouldn't be experiencing these air conditioning problems if I lived in it; a little time on a rack and a lot less money and it'd be taken care of. It finally got too hot in here for me so I turned the fan on for the central unit in addition to the fans that I have on in the windows and on the floor. The problem? I wouldn't be able to drive my own home.

In the meantime my tax refund (my …


The more I need to work the less I actually feel like working. It might be different if I had a little more help but as usually I have very little help and am surrounded by people who voice opinions about things that they don't know anything about. They seem not to be as many of them at the moment, they know I'm miserable. Let me be happy and they'll rush to butt in. I have no idea why but those that are around me love to see me miserable; they must every time I'm happy they rush in to ruin it.

Oh Well, No Three day weekend for me

It's Sunday evening and most people are either ending a relaxing weekend or smiling at the fact they have one more day left of it. I on the other hand am finishing up a weekend of doing four loads of laundry and struggling to get a few articles done. I managed to do a maybe three all weekend and write a paragraph or two on articles that I've been working on.

I've taken all but one covering off the living room windows facing the road to make it easier to open them the rest of the way when Theresa goes to bed. These lovely floor to ceiling windows open wide enough that she can easily push on the screen and fits nicely into the opening if she should decide that she wants too.

I had a look at an article I did last year sometimes on the advantages of freelance writing. I know the link takes you to the second page it's intentional.

I managed to vacuum a little just to discover that my vacuum needs a filter or a belt. It's not picking up everything that it should. OK I…

Year Not Going as Planned

So far I've managed to do my Federal Tax return. We're getting a refund, maybe. There is an offset that has yet to be determined, once it is we'll get the remainder of the return. OK I was half expecting that since some things fell behind this year. If we'd had the money during the year to cover everything we wouldn't be getting a refund at the this time of year so all and all it evens out.

I ended up using an amazon gift card to purchase a new battery for my camera. The battery was $4.98, shipping $1.99 which came to $6.97. That's not too bad considering I'd have ran out half of that in gas trying to hunt down one around here. I'm going to spend a little time searching Amazon tonight for household items that I don't have the money for. Even with shipping using the gift cards is easier on my budget right now than buy things outright.

I have about five articles submitted at Associated Content waiting to be reviewed and an editorial/opinion piece that…

Another Year Another Birthday

Well, another year means yet another birthday. This year instead of not celebrating at all I decided to donate my birthday to charity. I managed to raise $90 which isn't too bad considering everyone that I know is broke as they can be right now. I'm satisfied especially since a few people are just waiting until payday to donate to my cause.

I'm supposed to take Theresa to a birthday party this afternoon and she's having a bad morning. She's in the tub now so hopefully that'll calm her down enough to go. I'll be able to spend a few hours away from the repairs that need to be done and articles that need to be written. That's my present to myself to have peaceful time away from here.

I did two short and sweet news articles this morning. I have some articles that I was working on for AC that'll wait until tonight unless I scrap them and start over. I have almost $49 at Helium to request for the next payday. I have almost $11 at TB which gives me enough …

Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else so It's Here

There are a lot of thoughts rambling around in my head that don't really fit in the other two blogs so they're here. Like the fact that since I don't ever manage to stay on track any more I was thinking of moving all three of these blogs over to one of Google's free websites. Then I could transfer all the contents of the blogs there so they'd be in once place and I could place the posts in a separate category depending on what they covered. Like I have time to do that at the moment? I know it'd be a slow project that by the time I was done with the original post moving I'd have a thousand more to move over there.

My textbroker rating went down to a 3 which tells me that I need to focus more. I requested a payout of $85.65 this morning. That has to go a long way, once it gets here I have to put gas in the truck and buy supplements for the little one.

Before this turns into a rant I'll be going.