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Unforeseen Consequences

We are aware that there are consequences to the actions we take and the choices that we make. There are some consequences that are not predicted or even considered when things are set in motion. We live with this daily. Shorty is a special child in a number of ways. 

Goals for Remainder of 2015

There are some things that I want to achieve and some things that I need to achieve before the close of 2015. I have already achieved the finalization of my divorce and being restored to my maiden name of Childree. The name on my books now matches, it seems I knew then that one day I would reclaim my name. 

What else would I intend to achieve this year?

Sunday Evening Post

It is not easy to entertain a child during the summer when it is to hot to do much outside. Shorty likes the park but it has been to hot to get anyone to take us to the park so that she can play. It will have to wait until the temperatures cool down some.

In the meantime Shorty is using her imagination to run a restaurant and build cities full of tiny people that she talks to all day long. We have been to space and on road trips without ever leaving the living room.

It is turning out to be a rather relaxing summer after all.

SEP: Making Changes to Meet Goals

I am on restriction from purchasing any of the cute clothing I want. I cannot fit into it at the moment so the only clothing I can buy right now is in the bigger sizes. I can have just enough that I am not naked between laundry days. How am I fairing so far?

Caring for Each Other

It's just me and Shorty now, over the last year we have fallen into a routine that involves taking care of each other. This week was no exception. The temperatures soared and I found out that I am not as accustomed to the heat as I once was. Shorty on the other hand enjoyed it a great deal even coming in to get drinks and cool off instead of pushing herself to exhaustion.


I am unable to focus, as a result I have returned to making lists to get things accomplished. Even the most basic housekeeping requires that I make a list to remember it. I can look at something and forget what I am supposed to do. 

Wondering Wednesday

It is always a beautiful time to wonder about the things around us. Time refuses to slow down meaning that we must be diligent to learn the answers that we truly want to know. What do you wonder about? Sit back and I'll give you a peek at what I wonder about.

Additional Housekeeping

Friday afternoon I got word that today was the day that the owners/general managers, whatever they are would be here today. That mean extra housekeeping. Points are deducted if things aren't just so when they get here. Daily housekeeping, and not just straightening is actually required to live here in order for them to feel that this place is safe. This leads to an interesting scenario with an autistic child in tow.

Christmas Planning in June

You read it right. We are planning for Christmas in June because of the Christmas in July themes that are just around the corner. It is easier to get into the holiday when the pressure of the holiday is not present for us. There will be holiday movies to watch with her, a few decorations to put up and a feeling of good cheer. 

Sunday Evening Post

The week has been one of headache, confusion and triumph. Paperwork has my head spinning, more accurately misplacing paperwork has my head spinning but the house is slowly returning to a state of order as I search for it in order to file it away where it can be found. This is why I miss my filing cabinet and desk.

Saturday Evening Post

The routine for the summer months is different from that of the school year while it remains the same in a lot of ways. Though the last couple of years have lent themselves to far less writing on my part I am attempting to get back into it. I am not writing in my books at the moment, instead I am filing away memories to place between the pages. Sit back, and we'll chat.


The idea of talking to someone is nice, but all to often people talk at each other. Each participant in what would have been a conversation only hears what they are saying and the words of the other are not heard at all. The result is as varied as the people that span the globe. Why is true communication so important to us?

Answering the Question.

In response to the question that Red put forth during the SEP last week I decided to write out my answer in form of a blog post. If you not familiar or need a remind I'll wait while you catch up, the link will open in a new window.

Wordy Wednesday

While everyone else is wordless today posting pictures and other artwork I am wordy as usual. There is not a flow just ramblings of whatever comes to mind as I allow myself to work through what is running through my head.

Saving for Back to School Shopping

It is June, and summer is well under way. The heat and daylight until past 7p.m. are making Shorty rather active from early morning to very late into the night. The only disadvantage is that school starts back in August and I am attempting to be creative while saving for the back to school shopping. I do not want it to interfere with her summer fun.


The summer has just started and I am exhausted for no reason. We are sleeping well and haven't done a lot as far as outings but I am still tired. I don't want to do anything with the heat, and Shorty is only going out to play in the afternoons.

We will be buying a car as soon as we can to eliminate the need to ask neighbors to take us places. It is less expensive to pay the auto payment,  insurance, gas and maintenance than to rely on someone else just to end up going more places than I prepared the baby for.

Laundry Plan

It is time to evaluate the laundry budget for the remainder of the month. I have $24 left to do laundry, that's 24 loads that can be washed. I am attempting to budget merely $10 for the remainder of the month to wash the laundry, since that is a minimum of two loads per week I think that it is possible.

Saturday Evening Post

I have had enough, and once again I refuse to continue to put up with things. The difference is this time I am not tolerating it as long as I did the last time. It has been a year and they are supposedly a friend; I am severing ties as I have tried to do several times before only this time they will remain severed.

Summer Plans

It is the first day of summer vacation and school starts back on August 17th. That gives us approximately eight weeks to see how many memories we can make. This summer is already off to a better start than previous summers for memories. It is also the second summer we have spent as a household of two.