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Saturday Evening Post

The last few weeks have been full of changes and continuing. The changes are still positive in nature however which makes me rather happy. Sit back with a cold one and I'll take you through the changes. I'll try to keep it family friendly and refrain from obscenities for the moment.
Another Move
I moved across a few states again, and enrolled the baby in a new school that is better equipped to deal with my child. The teacher sends home daily behavior logs and how she handled it. It's not specific for my child she does it for the entire class, and it allows me to see what is working to improve the way she acts in class.
We are waiting for everything that we need to come back to move into an apartment. There is a single form that is still out and should be faxed today. That will help me a great deal. The deposit for the apartment and the lights will not be so much that they do harm to my budget for next month.

I purchased a vehicle last week, changed my driver's li…

Flash Fiction: Soldiers

Supplies were piling up faster than the volunteers could sort them into the baskets. The soldiers would be elated to see that they would not be spending their tours without being thought about at home. The packages were overflowing and more donations were due to be delivered the following day. The basics would go first then individualized packages from the families.
What are the supplies that are being gathered? Is it a volunteer group or an organization set up to aid soldiers? Where are the donations being sent? Where are the coming from?

The word is soldiers and this post comes in at 61 of the 75 word limit set by the M3 blog.

Flash Fiction: Figures

The calculations were enough to make him cringe. His ex-wife had taken almost a third of his inheritance in the divorce cutting his lavish lifestyle to nothing. His accountant had shown him the figures but he had to go through them himself to believe it. He had never imagined that she would betray him. The audit was going to be a nightmare.
Why is he being audited? How did he not notice a third of his inheritance going missing until the accountant pointed it out?

The word is figures and this post comes in at 62 of the 75 word limit set by the M3 blog for “Boys and Their Toys” which is the theme of the next flash in the pan book.

Flash Fiction: Surfboard

Black and purple streaks ran down the sides of the car showcasing the names of those that had fallen. Irving called his superiors for instructions and directions to his next location. A beach sounded ideal but he knew that the luxury of spending time on a surfboard would not be his.
Why are black and purple strips being used? Who is Irving and who does he work for? Why won't he be able to surf?

The word is surfboard and this post comes in 51 of the 75 word limit set by M3 for this quarters flash in the pan series.

Flash Fiction: Models

The days of miniskirts and high heels had been traded for aprons and bibs when the babies came along. It was enough to make her want to scream some days but the little moments when they looked at her like she was the center of the world made it worth it. She would forget the mess on the floor and focus on her latest project for them. The boys adored ships and she was almost finished with the models. The looks on their faces would bring her such joy. It was too bad they would not be able to see her when they got them.
Is she there mother or grandmother? Why won't they see her when they get the models? Do they even know who she is?
The word is models and this post comes in at 105 of the 150 word limit set by the flash in the pan challenge from the M3 blog.

Saturday Evening Post

The week has flown by as if to say it was merely a result of my imagination. It seems the older that I get the faster the days, weeks, months and years go past as if I am only dreaming the days events. Six months ago I left my husband, now I don't actually remember what he looks like. I remember what the first two look like, our wedding dates and one of their birthdays. Those little details I cannot remember for this one; I supposed it could be because I never actually cared.
Yes, I am aware that it is strange to spend so many years with someone that you do not love, care about or like. I am not sure what possessed me to stay with him; fear of the unknown perhaps? I am going to chalk it up to a mistake lived and learned from so that I can move on to the next phase of my life.
We had moved twice in a six month time span. Part of it was isolation beginning to get to us. The other part was fear that he would find us. He is not a smart man but he is dangerous, letting a bottle of whiske…

Flash Fiction: Blocks

Confetti littered the street, banners announced the arrival of the new shopping center on wheels. Jobs were the citizens first thoughts when they heard about the new company that would be setting up mobile shop around town. Little did they realize that blocks would be taken over for the endeavors. It was easy to say that jobs would be created but the poverty that followed was not what they had envisioned at all.
Has the celebration been cut short? Are the citizens worse off now than they were before the arrival of the new business?

The word is blocks and this post comes in at 73 of the 150 word limit set by M3 for the next edition of the Flash in the Pan series. Are you flashing yet?

Flash Fiction: Plane

Radiation rose from the explosion making those around him gasp in horror. He did not make a sound as he slithered through the crowd awaiting his first victim to fall into his path. It had been years since he had felt the thrill of a fresh kill and longer since he had indulged in the rich flavors that the reactor would infuse. A plane flew overhead dropping a green slime that stopped him in his tracts and left his last thought merely a wish.
Why is he slithering through the crowd? Is he human or beast? What are his victims? Why is he looking forward to the flavor of radiation? What is the slime being dropped from the plane?

The word is plane and this post comes in at 84 of 150 word limit set by the M3 blog for this quarter's Flash in the Pan Challenge. Visit M3 for official rules and details to find out how to be included in “Boys and Their Toys.”

Yet Another Move

The last few months have been spent on a mountain top virtually isolated from everything. When I first arrived it was not under the best of circumstances, and I had to be picked up to get there. Leaving one of the biggest problems that I had behind was a refreshing change of pace, but it did not solve all of my problems.
The snow was a new adventure when we got snowed in for a week with the school closed. It was far too cold to do anything but stay inside though that did not stop the baby from insisting on going outside to play.  
I stopped writing and began a new job that did not require deadlines to be met. I must admit that I enjoyed not having to sit at my computer all day or interrupt time with the baby to work. I enjoyed the regular paychecks too, but now that has come to an end.
The school was to small to accommodate my child to my satisfaction. The result? Yet another move across a number of states. So far everything is going well. The baby has been enrolled in a new school, …

How Do You Feel About You?

Knowing who you are is one thing; being happy with who you are is another. It is something different to know that you are happy with your life. There have been many times that I was not but I was still happy with who I was.

The principle was simple, live as you believe no matter what. That again is another story and we'd have to wander down the path of how living something you don't believe can do damage. So we'll move on.

You are NOT your job

There seems to be a disconnect at times when it comes to who someone is and what they do for a living. A person's skill set can be intimidating but once you look beneath the surface you may find that they are not intimidating at all. Are they really as knowledgeable as you thought or do they merely fake it?

Do you know someone that appears to know everything about everything? There is
a reason, you know less than they do about the subject matter. It is an illusion that is easily created by those that share their knowledge freely…

Flash Fiction: Marble

The workers were shocked at the amount of blood on the marble flooring as they entered the building to begin the clean up. They had been expecting scraps of metal, wood and sawdust to be what they were getting rid of, not a crime scene.
Whoever had paid the boss must have given him enough to last the rest of his life. Why he had not given them the assignment in person was something they didn’t want to know. The idea that he could be involved with something illegal was not new to the crew.
Why is the clean up crew not batting an eye at cleaning up a crime scene? Are they concerned at all that the boss did not inform them what the job was? Where is the boss? Is he known for illegal activities? What happened for there to be a crime scene?
The word is marble and this post comes in at 95 of the 100 word limit set by the M3 blog for the current edition of the Flash in the Pan series. Click the link to be taken to the official rules for inclusion in the series.

Flash Fiction: Football

The football stadium was at full capacity with three hours left until show time. Excited screams could be heard for blocks making her wonder what all the commotion was and why she seemed to be the only one left in town. It would be a great time to find a vantage point for hitting her target.
The explosion left a gaping hole where the stadium once stood. She smirked thinking that this had been the easiest assignment of her career. She was sure that she had gotten her target and a few thousand others without lifting a finger.
Why is the stadium packed? Does it matter that thousands of people were in the explosion? Why was she on a mission? Who is she?
This post comes in at 98 of the 150 word limit set by M3 for “Boys and Their Toys” which is the latest addition to the Flash in the Pan series.