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Flash Fiction: Obsessed

The calls were non-stop for weeks. He wanted to know when she was coming home; he missed his little girl. That was what he said at least, but the receipts in her inbox told another story. The ammo was a red flag but instead of paying attention to it she simply hit the archive button.
She clearly remembering his telling her the only way out of the marriage was death. He made it clear he intended that the “til death do us part” portion of the wedding vows would be kept no matter what. He didn’t love her; she had a quality that led him like the men before him to become obsessed with making her a possession. _____________________________________
If he doesn't love her why not just let her go? Why did he buy the ammo? What is it about her that makes men what to turn her into a possession?
Today's post is inspired by the M3 blog's flash fiction challenge and comes in at 118 of the 150 word upper limit.

Flash Fiction: Irrational

The old house had to be up to code in less than a week. The wiring was fried, and the walls were crumbling. Demolition seemed to be the only answer but the irrational woman that had hired him insisted that it had to be fixed. It seemed she had a strange attachment to this pile of rotting lumber.

The week passed and the house was no where near ready. She came in slamming doors leaving piles of rubble in her wake as the fragile walls gave way. Cracks in the foundation widened as she continued the tirade until the ceiling came down on her. In the mist of dust and debris someone heard a fading whimper as she expired with the house she loved so.

Why is she so insistent that the house be fixed instead of simply demolishing it and starting over? Is it fitting that her end came with the end of the house?

The word is irrational and this post comes in at 125 of the 150 word limit. Vist M3 for official rules and word list. Visit Redmund Productions to pick up the serious and remember the first ed…

Sunday Evening Ramblings

The day to day is often boring as it can be when we do not look past the things immediately in front of us. Recently I discovered that this is what I had been doing and I’m tired of it. There have been a lot of changes recently, all good though confusing at times.
I have uprooted my child, and unitentionally gotten rid of nearly everything that I own. In the end it was a drastic change but I can replace all of it. Now the question becomes how much of it do I actually need/want to replace. I am setting into a new normalcy that is far more normal than I have been used to in recent years.
It is a rather nice change. The quarters are smaller than I am accustomed but even that is a good thing. The paperwork will be filed soon, and my largest headache will be designated to a small corner where I am no longer bothered by anything that it does.
Have a pleasant afternoon.

Flash Fiction: Mad

Confusion clouded her mind. She was mad, but not at him. He was the one thing she wanted and it scared the hell out of her. She was tired of trying to figure out what she wanted and he refused to tell her what he wanted. Maybe a bit of brutal honesty was in order. It was time to force his hand.
Why is she confused? Why does wanting him scare her? What is he hiding?
The word is mad and this post comes in at 62 of the 75 word limit. Visit M3 for official rules and word list for the disturbed theme of the next edition of flash in the pan. Remember the first edition is always free in the free book bin at Redmund Productions. Thank you for sharing this post with the hashtags #flashfiction and #flashinthepan.

Cancellation of the Regularly Scheduled Chaos

The regularly scheduled chaos has been cancelled; that is a good thing. Peace is coming slowly. How did the chaos end? I left my husband.

The response has varied but it has been unanimous. It was the best thing I could have done. Basically it was along the lines of "pick a better guy if you decide to get married again," "it's about time," and "congratulations, he made you miserable and he wasn't all that bright." OK so maybe I edited the responses a little but it's my prerogative. You get the idea, they didn't like him then and don't like him now. He has no idea that instead of getting rid of them I just managed to keep in contact during the brief moments he was not inserting himself up my ass to ensure I was not enjoying myself in the slightest.

It seems the only one unaware that he caused me a great deal of stress and made me miserable was and still is him. It is not that he has not been told; he did not/does not comprehend. Those clos…

Flash Fiction: Delusional

The fact she missed him was not one she could deny no matter how hard she tried; he saw it in her face. He smiled at the thought, he had never known anyone like her. He managed to reassure her during the weakest moments without her ever realizing she needed the reassurance.
Distancing herself from him was what she had to do. He had the power to make her delusional enough to believe in the good in people once again.
What’s wrong with seeing the good in people? If he makes her so happy why is running from him?
The word is delusional and this post comes in at 80 of the 100 word limit for this quarters flash in the pan Disturbed theme. Visit M3 for more information and the official rules. Thank you for sharing this post with the hashtags #flashfiction and #flashinthepan.

Flash Fiction: Mind

His touch was like fire, and she could not get enough of it. He was dangerous and she knew it. It was going to be a long time before the thoughts of him left her mind.

The obvious attraction was present instantly but the urge to jump in his bed had to be resisted. Despite all the hell she had been through she could not use him and run away. He would only be mad for a little while, and that was far better than hurting him. A mind free from guilt would be her only solace.

If the attraction is obvious why fight it? How could giving in hurt anyone?

The word is Mind, and this post comes in at 97 of the 100 word limit. Visit M3 for the official rules and word list.

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Hot Flash Cracked

The axe came down in one smooth motion splitting his skull and covering her in brain matter. It wasn’t a good look for her but he should never have cracked her picture frame.
She showered and packed in silence. The heat meant that she have to get out quickly.

What could be so important about a picture frame to take an axe to someone’s skull?
The word is cracked and comes in at 49 of the 50 word limit. Visit M3 for the official rules and word list for the next edition in the Flash in the Pan Series.