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Saturday Evening Post

The weather has been somewhat temperamental lately, so it's hard to say if we're going to enjoy the evening free from a cold front or heat. We should sit back and discuss what's has been going on in our world lately. Grab a seat and let's chat.

Achiements and Goals

The last year I managed to meet my biggest goal, one that was long overdue and obsessively planned. I moved home from Arkansas and left the stupidity surrounding me behind. Now I am focusing on the next set of goals, and finding that I no longer no where anything is in relation to the objective that I am searching to achieve. Things change in four years but not that much.
There are still animals in my orbit, or rather animals have returned to my orbit since they aren't ours. We get visits from the cat that lives downstairs, who promptly makes himself at home each and every time. Theresa worries about how well he is cared for while he is in our new home visiting.

There were a lot of goals set during the last year and looking back the largest of them was achieved; now it's time to move onto the next set of goals and reevaluation of the ones that weren't achieved to determine if they are worth continuing toward or if they require altering. Planning for them was obsessive, an…

Sorting It Out

The coming weeks are not going to be easy as I continue to sort everything out. I am caught up in a budgeting crisis as I attempt to fit everything into my current income while waiting for it to get back to livable means without cutting too many corners.

While I figure it out I decided that actively searching for work would be the best way to feel accomplished. What am I dealing with? Sit back and let's catch up.

She's Making Request!!!

We've come a long way from where we started all those years ago. My autistic angel was once mute, now we have spontaneous speech and request!! She made one at school to buy a snack!

That's Life

Today is going to be interesting. I was busy wondering who would schedule a half day of school mid-week only to have the question of how it'd affect my child answered when she woke up sick. Now the question is why is she sick, everyone else has been sick did she finally catch it or it something entirely different?